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Violence by Finn LeMarinel

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Reviewed on 29th December 2012.



By Finn LeMarinel

Having only stumbled upon Finn LeMarinel a few months ago, I am still taking in the true depth and creativity of his music. For the only time this year, I am awarding an overwhelming 10/10! Violence is, from start to end, a sculpted and crafted thing of beauty, with notes of both the sombre and melancholy in good measure. The first, and each subsequent play, sends shivers down my spine. The multitude of noises by means of finger tapping, strumming, plucking and banging the guitar is phenomenally inventive. I have not seen anyone else come close to this.

What Finn manages to produce, is a 'stop you in your tracks', heart achingly beautiful composition. His voice pierces your emotions and holds your heart in his hands, gently caressing, while the pessimistic nature of the lyricism tears you apart. The sound is a kind of Acoustic-folk math rock; think Damien Rice on acid, this would be the product!

If I touched upon every song, this would be a 5000 word dissertation, but suffice to say, each song deserves its space. Whether the song is given 1 minute, or 5 minutes, each is equally worthy. You can't say that about many albums!!

My favourites and personal recommendations are; Winter, swathed in delicious undertones and just stunning; The Mayor, equally dark and disturbing; Wrung, played out with a furiously passionate intensity, to a laboured and emotionally drained close; No One, compelling and painful in the most striking way, with the feeling that only those who have lived through and experienced the pain of life, can convey the emotions in this closing track.

'Violence' is creatively hypnotic and with each listen I become totally immersed in the beauty of the whole composition. Finn LeMarinel takes you on an emotional journey, composed with the most unusual sophistication. It is delicately abrasive and harshly beautiful which enables you to feel every agonising word. There are not enough adjectives to describe LeMarinel's music. I can't get enough of this and hearing that there is more in the pipeline for next year I am very excited.

What a way to end my album reviews for the year! Awe inspiring!!



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On 29th December 2012 at 22:49 Jimmy Horrigan wrote...

4 for the download? Done!



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