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Gig review of Titans Troubadours + The Hypes + 12:27 + Square Figures

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Reviewed on 30th December 2012.


Titans Troubadours

Live at The Library on Saturday, 8th December 2012

There's a good atmosphere tonight at the 360 Club, and to open up we have a two man band Square Figures. An energetic melodic sound set them off to a good start capturing the attention of the, at this point, quite small crowd. Although the first half of the set was entertaining there was nothing particularly mind-blowing about the music. But then Jake (guitarist/vocalist) switched guitars. True, this is something that many guitarists do throughout a set, but this was different, like a certain power was unlocked. Every song played after the switch left my mind blown. Odd time signatures, the down right funky riff in '15 Second Anniversary' as well as drumming skills in the song 'Survive', which may or may not have left smoke emanating from the drum kit. Although their songs were good the time between songs was too long. Some banter helped it not seem like a vacuum but hopefully this is something they'll work on in the future. Square Figures are a band whose song composition is, for lack of a better word, awesome. Their strength lies here and if you're tired of standard song structures and want to hear where music is going instead of where it's at now, or where it's been, go check them out.

Crowd gained a few more members and I can tell a lot are here for 12:27. It's not psychic powers; it's the fact that at the mere mention of their name a large cheer followed. The simple bluesy rock was refreshing, it was nice to hear such a cohesive sound and see a frontman with so much charisma. Everything was pleasant to listen to (from vocals to guitar solos), yet the band lost me when they decided to slow their set down. I found myself daydreaming, counting TVs in the venue, there are four, and I was generally bored. They were the kind of songs you can listen to in the context of an album but they effectively killed the set. It's okay though, they managed to breathe some life back into it with a cover of 'Stand By Me / Beautiful Girl', a smooth transition between the two and definitely the highlight of their whole set. It was definitely during that where you realise the vocalist really has a good set of lungs on him. To finish off they played something with a strong punk vibe. It was weird. It finished the set off oddly and was out of character. But the crowd loved every moment.

Before the next band started I had to shed a tear for three quarters of the crowd that disappeared before the start of the set. The crowd was sparse again and those that were there seemed to be hugging the walls. The Hypes had some interesting riffs and a nice sound. Yeah at some points it seemed like they didn't know where they were going with their song and the guitar solos could do with a little work. But when they slowed things down they managed to hold my attention. The main thing that really stands out is that they can write really catchy songs. The acoustic guitar added a nice layer to their sound, yet when the full band kicked in this was barely audible. However that can be sorted out. They weren't overly impressive but after finishing their set I was left wanting to hear more of those catchy hooks.

Tears retracted, the long lost crowd came back again and Titans Troubadours take to the stage. What a show, the way these guys performed was like they were playing Wembley arena, which was a good and a bad thing. The stopping in the middle of the song for applause was nice the first time, but the three times after that was a bit much. The crowd however loved it. Each pause was followed by an applause and understandably so. In all truthfulness these guys have such a well-developed hard-hitting rock sound, I was surprised that they weren't playing to a much bigger venue. Despite the feeling of watching a very standard rock band, they were very entertaining. Probably would be more so for those who aren't that familiar with rock music. It was enjoyable though, honest. So enjoyable that when they finished their set, and the crowd was cheering, I was thinking, where's the next song?



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Titans Troubadours

Energetic Rock music that leaves you wanting more after the perfect 'eargasm' Known for their ballsy, hard hitting performances, Titan's Troubadours are raising the bar and with some force. These guys have such a well-developed hard-hitting rock sound' Gerard Leachman, Leeds Music Scene. Fronted by a multi-talented musician who brings his power and spontaneity to the stage, together with a thundering rhythm section and a lead guitarist with licks to remember; these Leeds lads will leave you wanting more after the perfect eargasm.

The Hypes

Rock 'n' roll band from Leeds.


4 piece Alternative Rock band from Leeds

Square Figures

Square Figures is a 2 piece alternative band

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