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Hand On Heart by The Heartbreaks

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Reviewed on 4th January 2013.


Hand On Heart

By The Heartbreaks

Happy new year, indeed. Fresh from the marvellous holiday romance single 'Polly,' comes another stunner from The Heartbreaks, one that perhaps surpasses their previous effort. I'm gonna go against my normal type here and just review the fucking thing 'cos this lot deserve it for their bare faced cheek in going against the hipster masses and making a basic three and a half minute pop gem. I bet Pitchfork hate them.

It wasn't all plain sailing. For a millisecond there at the start I thought we were gonna have to endure a cover of The Mavericks' 'Dance The Night Away.' Assuming that in itself wasn't a cover. Funtimes ensue though pretty quickly and it turns into the song Morrissey has been trying to make since Tony Visconti robbed his band's instruments of their sound in 2006. I could look at the lyrics on Google and try and work out their meanings, values and political ideologies but this isn't Red Wedge so what's the point? It's just a cracking song about innocent romanticism with Mr Sheen-like production by the legendary Edwyn Collins (trusting wiki here, nervous moments) to fist pumping heights seen in some of The Manics' later work. But without a shouty Welshman and a rugby loving bloke in a dress singing it.

The album 'Funtimes' is out now. This isn't an advertisement, it's an explanation for my shit pun earlier.



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On 4th January 2013 at 18:48 Jimmy Horrigan wrote...

I'd read one of your reviews over anything over the syllable-heavy verbosity of Pitchfork any day, Russell. Not a bad little tune that.



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