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Stranger in the Alps by Lost in the Riots

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Reviewed on 3rd February 2013.


Stranger in the Alps

By Lost in the Riots

Firstly, I must say that I had never heard of the Watford lads and after hearing about their presence at the Fox and Newt a couple of weeks ago (which I was meant to go to), I decided that I should review their album. and well I can safely say that they're going straight into my collection.

The opening track, 'Stranger in the Alps', gives off a pop-punk vibe (which they might not like) but in it's own way, its cool. It's inviting, which is helpful, but then discarded to give you a meaty track with twinkles creeping in and out of the power of the riffs. Third track 'Loki' rocks my socks (excuse the pun) with it's ferocity progressing throughout the track - without doubt, my favourite. As the début progresses I do feel it becoming weaker in parts with the heaviness over riding, but I'm grasped by 8th track 'Heartfelt Wolf', as you can just imagine them playing the track live, and for that the heaviness is for a sense of purpose to bring across the rawness of the album - so for that reason I like it.

I like this début because it's gutsy, none of this 'fannying' around with guitar gymnastics which quite frankly sound bloody awful if done wrong.

'Stranger in the Alps' is constructed effortlessly (so hats off to them) with each song interlinking into the next, with an almost quirky edge. Yes, you might say this début sounds like a 'typical post-rock album', but is that meant to be negative? No! Not at all I say. You've got power, force and with the lighter sounds to the album weaving into the underlining sinister aggression, you're onto a winner.



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