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Monarchy/Mudhole by Kagoule

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Reviewed on 14th February 2013.



By Kagoule

I don't tend to dabble in voodoo and music. At the same time at least. I don't know if there's a taboo about it, but if I were to mix the two I'd probably use Kagoule to soundtrack my nefarious affairs. Not that the music is particularly esoteric, more rambunctious and partly mystical, wild in parts and mild mannered in others. Akin, I'll add, to most of my favourite music, and let me tell you I like some good music. Not a lot, but some.

But there are styles woven into these songs that perhaps shouldn't be mixed either. The beginning of 'Monarchy' begins like some industrial murder-binge soundtrack until more acceptable sounds emerge. Which happens to be a very pleasant reverb-laden riff. Together they rampage until yet another sweet riff comes to life. And that's a recurring theme really: shit-hot riffs. That, and big choruses, -not Coldplay big choruses, more like QOTSA big choruses- and considering I only listen to some good music that's probably the only comparison I can muster.

I don't know how the band would describe themselves but I'd describe them as Voodoo Grunge or Darkpop, maybe Celsetial Howizer Rock. Maybe these descriptions shed more light on the music than the description of the music.

FFO Fugazi and Smashing pumpkins, apparently. I'm not a big fan of either but these guys are alright. Its an accomplished début release and I will probably consider going to watch them at Shopkeepers on February 27th 2013.

They receive a respectful '''Big Donnys' 4 stars ****'' and they might be proud of that. Next time I review Halifax.



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