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Gig review of The Sailmakers + Good Moves + The Astral Plain + OperatorSix

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Reviewed on 14th February 2013.


The Sailmakers

Live at The Library on Friday, 8th February 2013

The Sailmakers are launching their single tonight and spirits are high. People are chatting and generally having a good time awaiting the first band to set it off. In the busy venue of the 360 Club that Good Moves take to the stage. Their sound is simple and elegant, the kind of music you enjoy while relaxing. Although their set wasn't amazing it was enjoyable; banter between songs did not seem to connect as the crowd quickly went off into their own conversations. However they opened the night nicely with down to earth, indie folk music.

Following was The Astral Plain who was much the same as Good Moves, in that they put on an okay set. There was some expectation of either more variation or something to get across that feeling of "Astral" from their name. They did have good vocal harmonies and the drummer laid down some interesting beats, but from the middle till the end the set seemed to drag.

OperatorSix was the best pick me up anyone could ask for. Their in your face bluesy rock got people dancing brought an energy that was needed. They're a band who look like their generally having a great time on stage and that translates well to everyone. People dancing en masse at the front and even a couple who had to shake a lil somethin' at the back. Their set did lose its spark a little towards the end but they held strong for what was definitely the highlight of the night.

To finish off is the reason we're here, The Sailmakers. It being their single launch they have to make sure they're not outdone and they sure gave it a go. They had great musicianship and song writing which really came through in the live performance. At request they managed to get the crowd to dance too but there wasn't enough in the performance to make them stand out. Their set was good not great, but good enough to end the night on a high. And what more can you ask for?



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The Sailmakers

The Sailmakers are a Folk Rock band from the north of England. The band consists of, Ryan Madden (vocals/guitars), John Chapman (guitars), Luke Argall (vocals/bass guitar), Tess O'Donovan (Flute/Vocals) and Matt Exton (Beats).

The Astral Plain

5 piece alternative rock band from Halifax that blend repetative, driving guitar and drum riffs with melodic bass lines

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