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A Day's Pay for a Day's Work by Dark Star

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Reviewed on 6th March 2013.


A Day's Pay for a Day's Work

By Dark Star

Since their initial releases in 2007, the London based Electronic trio Darkstar have made quite a name for themselves with their oh so unique brand of psychedelic pop and signature 'warped' sound. With the release of their second album 'News from Nowhere' meeting critical acclaim, here we have the second single in the form of 'A Day's pay for a Day's Work'.

As I begin to listen, warped piano sounds along with breathy, reverberant vocals fully immerse my ears and within seconds I'm hooked on this little ditty and find myself wondering where it's going to end up. Thankfully I don't have to wait too long, within less than a minute, in comes some affected broken drum beats as well as some atmospheric synthetic sounds, giving an already spacey song a whole new trippy edge. This tune builds really nicely. The vocals begin to become more synthetic sounding as the song goes on. As sampled choral style backing vocals enter the equation, the song reveals a darker dimension, sounding like a parade of muffled ghostly wailings, almost siren -like. The track then breaks back to just piano and voice before reintroducing all that synth-y goodness in one foul swoop.

The production of this track is spot on, transporting the listener to a spacey world where vocals and piano co-exist harmoniously alongside synthesizers and drum machines. It is refreshing to hear a band creating their own sound, not being tied down by their influences and what is expected of the genre. I believe that there is something for everyone to enjoy when listening to Darkstar, be you a fan of singer/songwriters, vocal harmonies, sigur ros-esq atmospherics or even just a phat beat to jive your groin to. All in all, a good effort by the London trio who are just off the boat from a European tour.

The single is set to be released as of the fifteenth of April and with a stream of awesome reviews from the likes of The Guardian and The Times, the future is looking pretty damn good for Darkstar. Darkstar's second album 'News from Nowhere' is out now.



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