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No-one Knows Nothing Anymore by Billy Bragg

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Reviewed on 11th March 2013.


No-one Knows Nothing Anymore

By Billy Bragg

On first listen, this is plain dreary. "Let's start pretending we can manage our way out of here, let's stop defending the indefensible" croons Bragg over a morbid country and western tune that would have even the most annoying happiest sod of all time jumping off the nearest bridge.

That said, it's rather joyous in its philosophy, mocking the outrage that seems to plague every single aspect of modern society and asking people to, well, just chill out a bit. Bragg even sounds apathetic: "What if there's nothing, no big answer to find/ What if we're just passing through time...nobody knows anything". There are many themes, but science seems a real grumble and Bragg gives off the impression that he's entirely dismissive of those determined to find an answer to absolutely everything. I doubt it's going to stop Professor Brian Cox and his unnecessarily camp demeanor fawning over even the most tedious aspects of plants, rocks, bear shit or whatever, but God loves a trier, and in Billy Bragg he has someone more than capable of having a go.



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