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Reviewed on 5th April 2013.



By The Yacht Club

"A" the solo 5 track project from London based session musician Marcus Gooda adds a gem to the works. The "Math rock" genre, although small in its efforts somehow mostly always seems to produce these quirky experimental delights.

Taking inspirations from 90's emo twinkle gods, American Football and TTNG (previously named This Town Needs Guns) Gooda has indeed put a smile on my face, however ironic that might be.

The album as a whole is crisp and well executed, with first track "Hopeless" setting the mathematical ball rolling, I love the twinkles and use of harmonies throughout, it's ever so pretty and dainty. Second track "Get Your Damn Hands Off Her!" is a little different in its execution, holding more of a power and presence, the main question though, do I like it? Aye! How can you not when the crash of symbols allow the guitar and vocals escape. Third track, 1.21 Gigawatts, calms in it's use of drums and guitar, although tapping is indeed one of the main features of this track (and album) for me, the main feature and thing that sucks me in is the voice. I haven't mentioned the voice so far and I think that is because it has been the weakest thing in the last two tracks (this isn't to be negative, I merely mean that the instruments take the limelight, I'm not complaining though, are you?) I should also add that I am now sad and if you're not really into the likes of American Football and Owen then you're missing out! 1.21 Gigawatts - Favourite track and title of the EP. The final two tracks remain calm and undoubtedly beautiful, fifth track, Me Too sends me into a coma with a two part harmony raising the geese out of the bumps on my arms.

With Gooda writing and performing all of the instruments apart from a few guest appearances here and there, "A" is classy and plopping good!



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