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Too Young To Die by K

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Reviewed on 7th April 2013.


Too Young To Die

By K

Clever work in the press release here, telling me that 'K' have supported the likes of Ocean Colour Scene and The Kooks. Already my preconceptions are running wild; this is going to sound really hideously mind-numbingly boring. Imagine my surprise then when it was all a ruse. It was merely just really boring.

Probably the most fun thing about reviewing a CD is reading the press release before listening to it. Occasionally you'll sit there, one arm stroking cat, the other stroking chin thinking "hmm, they're pretty much bang on here!" More often than not however, it's just pure cliched bollocks. This parting comment is a particular favourite: "There's a yawning gap crying out for the next Great British rock and roll band and it's got 'K' written all over it." Christ, if press releases are to be believed then there's been a "yawning gap" for the last fifteen years.

As for the song, well. Imagine if The Enemy had just one ounce of retro rock talent in their creatively sapped collective bollocks....well, they'd sound a bit like this. Paul Weller's kids as opposed to Steve Craddock's. That's not good enough for me though, I've got Tame Impala to take me back to 1974.

Shame really, I had the 'Special K' closing line all ready and everything.



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