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All We Have Is Us by Bravestation

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Reviewed on 28th May 2013.


All We Have Is Us

By Bravestation

It may seem like donkey's since they first burst our ear drums with their brooding post-punk 2010 EP but here we have a new release from Toronto based three piece Bravestation and it's showing off a slightly different side to them.

The track is called 'All We Have Is Us' and has been described as an 'ethereal pop tune' incorporating R&B and new wave influences, I don't know about that but what smacks me right in the chops upon first listening to the track is that it reeks of eighties-esq charm from the sampled drum hits to the swirling synthetics darting around my ears, although the drumbeat almost has a dub-step like quality. Once the vocals emerge, I find myself becoming drawn in. The breathy, almost temperamental nature of singer Devin Wilson works as a perfect juxtaposition against the very precise, well produced sound of the music.

When the chorus hits, a counter vocal part emerges and for me, this is when the tune starts to slide slightly. The chorus itself is not a memorable tune you'll be humming for days on end afterwards; I could even go as far as to say, you won't remember it five minutes after. I feel as though the chorus to this track is a broken promise made by its predeceasing intro and verse, a promise for a cracking tune that just doesn't show.

The track then returns to the second verse and is saved somewhat by some of the variation displayed in the singer's voice.

Over all, this little number isn't a bad effort by the band and from a production point of view, they have got it spot on, everything is very precise and in its place. Sadly, for me, the chorus just didn't deliver making the track on the whole disappointing. A track without a kick ass chorus is like a dog with no balls...a bit sad!

All We Have Is Us' will feature on the upcoming 4-track EP 'IV', due for release on May 14th.



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