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Reviewed on 10th June 2013.



By Plastic Visions

Don't you love it when music from a newly formed band has the power to make you feel alive, to excite you and leave you hungry for more?! This is exactly what happened when the Plastic Visions self titled EP came to me on an unusually hot summer's day. I turned up the volume and let the vocal saturate my senses, brutal beats penetrate my skin and the ferocious guitars run through me like pleasure seeking waves. This is not face-melting; more scorch your fingers, grungy, noisy rock that teeters on the edge of hardcore, but pulls back just before it falls. At its best it is brutal and at its worst it is riotous brilliance!

I imagine that 'Kamikaze', the first track off their 5 song EP, is what would happen if Nirvana went on a bender with local noise rockers Castrovalva and decided to record some tunes to commemorate the event. Whereas 'Now I Know' feels more like a nostalgic homage to Nirvana, appearing to emulates their classic 'Smells Like Teen Spirit'. The song I can not remove from my head is 'Little String', whose lyrics envelop you like walking through a spiders web, it is raw an impressive pandemic of a tune with a different vibe to the opening track and feels like a ready made hit.

Each track has its own personality and differs from the previous, while 'Love Hate' plays around with some finely crafted distortions; the final track is played with a furious urgency and a powerful intensity. 'Bitch this ain't LA', is a vigorous assault on your ears, I can't write quickly enough as I listen. The vicious energy rages out of my speakers and at this point (and volume), my neighbours will surely love me for introducing them to music that is dirtier than a pool party at Hugh Hefner's.

'So who are these boys?' I hear you ask...Plastic Visions are fronted by the very talented Kane Stewart, who has a diverse range of vocal skills, underpinned by the unique and fiery energy of Brad Shultz (Cage the Elephant). It does retain a little echo of CTE, this is not a bad thing, nor does it mean that it is not different. I am a massive fan of CTE, but this is another level. Plastic Visions have reminded me why I live, eat and breathe music. It makes me glad to write about it and share the pleasure with you.

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