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Reviewed on 1st January 2001.



By Weeve

Playing the two-track Weeve demo CD brings back some memories, mainly images of bands such as Soundgarden, Bush or Pearl Jam vocals/structure but with a typically British indie-guitar style. In general it brings back memories of classic American mid-90's rock, and whilst it doesn't show a new sound what it does deliver is compact and accomplished.

The opening track "Loose Change" features a decent guitar intro, which also makes an appearance later on. But apart from this moment of interest - because it attracts you and makes you anticipate what is going to follow - I didn't get that enthusiastic about the song at all. As I hinted it's musically very sound, technically sorted and features very powerful vocals; it will certainly attract people who are into this particular style. Unfortunately, whilst I have a certain affection to the genre through growing up listening to it, I don't see anything that would make me go back and play those CDs again.

The second track holds more for me. "U & I" has touches of Weeve originality going for it - still playing on an American-base, it is stronger, has a greater depth to the song and its delivery. I could actually see myself singing along to the chorus line "Take me to the preacher, Where I lose my soul..."

Some CDs attract people to them through their quality alone, regardless of genre. I have a suspicion that this is the opposite - those of you who think you'll like this probably will, you'll thank god you've taken the risk and you'll love this to death. If you have doubts before listening, I think you probably won't be converted; that is unless Weeve make more of an effort in creating a unique sound for themselves.



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