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Molecules EP by Koala

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Reviewed on 26th June 2013.


Molecules EP

By Koala

Molecules is the latest in a line of admirable EPs from the young Bradford quartet Koala. The band make upbeat and uptempo indie rock songs with influence from all corners such as math and alternative genres. The girl fronted four-piece's sound is certainly one of the most distinctive and unique locally, in a scene often inundated by wave after wave of below par pop-punk bands, Koala produce a blend of tight intricate drums, speedy riffs and floating female vocals which always stays interesting and compelling.

For fans of: Tall Ships // Everything Everything // Foals

The EP starts with 'Prefix' the mix of pleasingly jangly guitar riffs and thundering drums moving through the gears dynamically, shifting from from intricate stuttering math rock, to blistering guitar riffs and build-ups leading to euphoric high points; a great start. The EP then slips into 'Earth, Wind & Jack' joining powerful chords with with whirling riffs and muted guitar. The drums here are also very enjoyably stuttered and jittery. 'Molecules' the title track has some great riffs, perhaps the most catchy lyrics from the EP and exactly the right amount of cowbell. FAT is another highlight from what is overall a very strong EP and has some of my favourite lyrics; shouting "I've drowned that girl"; this combined with the stunning vocal work on the track and guitars centring around fast and furious chords results in probably the best track from the EP.

Overall the sound of the EP is very strong, creating an accomplished feel that can be both intricate and powerful and which belies their years. The vocals are strong throughout and give the tracks of focal point in what can often be quite a hectic mix of sounds and tempos. Likewise, musically the EP stays interesting and complex, often putting shame to many 4 chord generic bands around. Although some of the tracks possibly aren't as distinctive as Molecules and FAT or previous songs such as 'Josephine' and 'Lead Me From This Town' - download that EP here, the tracks are still strong and possibly tighter than earlier releases and result in another one in a great line of releases, here's to a full-length album in the future?


Earth, Wind & Jack (only available with a download of the album)

The band are also playing live in Leeds at The Cockpit on Tuesday 9th July for the Futuresound competition which give bands a chance to play at Reading and Leeds festivals; get along and lend your support!

Contact the band for tickets at: koalaband@yahoo.co.uk



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