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Old Souls by Deaf Havana

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Reviewed on 4th August 2013.


Old Souls

By Deaf Havana

Deaf Havana are back with their new album Old Souls set for release in September. The Norfolk rockers, who formed in 2005, have come back with their best album to date, which is a nostalgia filled album and has compelling lyrics with catchy melodies.

Deaf Havana has slowly being crawling up to the top of the British music scene for some time. I have seen them play The Cockpit, to a half empty room on a week day, to a tiny room at Slam Dunk, to then see them play a play show, (including a sold out tour) and now they come out with Old Souls, an absolutely brilliant album and one which captures their sound and personifies exactly the sound of British music.

When I interviewed Deaf Havana at Slam Dunk this year, and James Veck-Gilodi (lead singer) stated "I'd like to go more mainstream..." and after hearing Old Souls, this is definitely the collection of songs that could catapult them into the daytime radio limelight. He is on the brink of his dream and it may just be ready to come true.

Deaf Havana's nostalgia is such brilliance, in the way that that they create it. For example, in the song "Kings Road Ghost"s. They seem to be thinking back on distant memories, which is the best thing Deaf Havana do in their songs. Looking back on past events and moments, which paint a vivid picture for the listener, is something this particular song brings to life.

The stand out and most over played song on the album Old Souls, has to be the 4th track , with the superb title, "Subterranean Bullshit Blues". The guitar chords start and build up, to the pound of drums to join, after which the vocals of James Veck-Gilodi kick in. It has a great guitar chords to hake bottoms along to, a passionate chorus that leaps out "All I know is I'm wasting my time" and all round heartfelt lyrics, which make the song perfect to listen and dance along with.

If I were to be honest, I wouldn't usually jump to Deaf Havana, as they are a more subdued music style that is usually on my iTunes, but this album is so good, it is why the repeat button was invented, for music like this, on long hot summer days, humming along to the melodies.

Closing the album is "Caro Padre", inspired by his absent Italian father, hence the Italian title. This is a heart pouring song talking of the person he has become "I am my father's son" rings out at the end, with just James and an acoustic guitar. A melodic end, to an exceptional album, from Deaf Havana.



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