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Is Sleeping E.P by Cousin Marnie

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Reviewed on 11th August 2013.


Is Sleeping E.P

By Cousin Marnie

All art contains an aspect of autobiography, but the reinvention of existing music, always seems to attract the most severe criticism. It has been suggested that when involved in such matters, an artist is either a plagiarist or a revolutionary. Well, the ability to take four songs from one of the most revered institutions in the history of country music - The Carter Family Band, and reanimate them in an unquestionably contemporary setting, entwining strings of a threadbare melodic grace with an archaic intuition, certainly nudges their new advocate towards the latter.

On rare occasion, one may find oneself drifting in between blurred internal realities without provocation or prerequisite. With personal exploration, those built with an innate curiosity may find a catalyst for this beautifully human yet entirely intimate phenomenon. Artists such as Cousin Marnie, bestow upon the world a means of escapism, of fleeting imagery and a voyeur's glance at the true transience of sensation.

Rather than the age old tale of an artist being introduced to a specific genre of music by a family member, then proceeding to dedicate their life to a blunt, insistent replication of whatever said musical baptism encouraged, she has taken her mother's offering of country music and used her own explorative tastes to create a sound that carries the gift, whilst walking an exciting, unexplored path.

'Is Sleeping' takes the conscious thought of a generation, then relays their intentions through modern eyes. As a student of literature and a graduate of a working class enviroment, it's clear in the smokestack magnetism of her music, that classic country isn't the only movement to contribute to the E.P's foundations. 'You've Been Fooling Me Baby', an industrial, neo-electronic waltz encapsulates the mentality of original hip-hop protest, whilst 'Never Let The Devil Get The Upper Hand' is performed with an incensing slur, and below the intricate surface, it drips with the sensual rebellion of the self assured, proudly punk agenda.

It flows seamlessly, before finally fading away to the beguiling coup de grace of 'Farewell Nellie', an exquisite, otherworldly piano lament that assures the E.P is one of the most intriguing, poignant works of art, to have its principles, its beauty and thus, its inadequacies, laid bare for the world to behold, in quite a long time.



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