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This Broken Home by Talk To Angels

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Reviewed on 19th August 2013.


This Broken Home

By Talk To Angels

A debut album is pretty important. It generally defines a band unless they do something drastic to change their sound later down the line. For a lot of bands their whole volume of work is compared to the first album they ever released. For better or worse. So when checking out Talk To Angel's self titled debut album I expected something which summed up where the band's at now, and where they could musically develop in the future. What I got was indeed a surprising project.

After the intro 'Brain Man' kicks in and lyrically the tone is set for the whole album. Pain and suffering is at the fore of the subject matter. Not once does this get repetitive or boring however, not only 'Brain Man' but there is a handful of upbeat tracks with catchy chorus that could easily get you singing along. Even when the subject matter is murder as with 'He Loves Cilla'. Such is the disturbing genius that is Talk To Angel's song writing ability.

There is definitely a strong personal connection with the subject matter from Craig Kaye (vocals & guitar), which allows the songs to be taken seriously as well as for entertainment. Both emotionally and thought provocative lines like 'this is the last step you'll take', and 'if there's a god is this heaven of hell?', are extremely hard hitting.

Musically this album is interesting to listen to. From the more bass heavy hard rock feel of 'Bain Man' to the more electronic 'Enemies closer'. The album definitely does have a variety of really great tracks. There is a problem with pacing however, with the album not able to deliver enough tracks with real energy. For example the placement of 'Enemies Closer' seemed to be so that the listener wouldn't be hit with so many slow ballad like songs in one go. Each track on the album is good, but they didn't all need to be included.

Excluding the problems with pacing the album is a great listen. It maturely explores pain and suffering in a way that isn't mundane or too depressing. Yes it drags in the middle but all in all this is a great debut album.



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