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I Wanna Be Ok by Melinda Ortner

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Reviewed on 19th August 2013.


I Wanna Be Ok

By Melinda Ortner

Melinda Ortner is a singer song writer from the US who predominantly creates pop music. This is sometimes hidden under the guise of rock but throughout the whole album the vantage point is always pop.

This being her debut it seems that Melinda has tried to include an eclectic mix of different genres to show off her influences. In the piano driven pieces this works extremely well, with the keyboard solo in ' somethin' sorry ' being a pleasant surprise. I don't think anyone will dispute Melinda Ortner's ability to sing. It is clear on the album that her voice can hold her own during the range of genres she's presented with, the problem with the album is composition. The album plainly put is mostly average with maybe one or two great tracks. In fact two great tracks is what I'll stick with. That being the title track and 'strangers'. Yes Melinda has some interesting vocal lines but that isn't enough to lift the album out of mediocrity.

That was the album at its best, at its worst it feels like there's too much of a rush to get to the choruses that seem manufactured to be as catchy as possible. The hard rock songs were a grave mistake and should have not been included.

The album is however easily accessible, you can play it wherever and it doesn't need all or even some of your attention to enjoy it. That seems to be the goal, something to enjoy at surface value which is nice. Although this isn't a bad project there's nothing which pulls the album out of mediocrity on the whole. An alright listen but it won't be turning heads.



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