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Reviewed on 28th August 2013.



Live at Leeds Festival 2013 on Sunday, 25th August 2013

As a band, Foals are one I have come full circle on. Originally, I was somewhat underwhelmed by the whole hype behind them, but friends were insistent I was missing out. As recommended, I watched intimate session on a 4Music show and was genuinely captivated by 'My Number', so gave their music more of a listen and was slowly being won over.

This in mind, I excitedly stepped out on Sunday to brave the Main Stage crowds to see them. However, disappointment ensued and Foals live music did not translate to the wide open space in front of them. Their sound and energy just seemed to dissipate and dissolve in to nothingness, holding as much interest as the mud beneath my feet. Even venturing to the front, in the middle of the (mainly static) fans, did noting to enhance the experience and I still did not 'feel it'. Neither did it help, going with a fan from the early days of Foals; who commented 'They have changed!'

But it is not that I am really griping about. For me, Foals deserve an award for the 'largest display of unnecessary self-indulgence of the weekend' for their performance of 'Two Steps Twice'. With its mid-set ten minute musical interlude, sounding like a stuck record, it was wholeheartedly dull and only added to the monotony of the whole set. I bet even the person it was dedicated to, was willing them to get on with it!

So I tried watching the Reading Festival online highlights, wondering if festival lethargy had kicked in, but alas, this did not change my mind and I can not find a good thing to say about their Sunday performance at Leeds. However, I still believe as musicians, they are good, but an intimate venue would be a better support their music and it would be a different experience.



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