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Coal, pressure, time by Bandleader

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Reviewed on 17th October 2013.


Coal, pressure, time

By Bandleader

On my travels around the internet I stumbled upon a post on an audio forum by a new American alternative rock band named 'Bandleader'. The track in question that first pricked up my ears was the happy go lucky tune 'Return to me' which reminded of classic late 90's bands such as Pavement and Grandaddy.

The post detailed how their debut album had been recorded in a remote hunters cabin in the countryside near the bands home state of Vermont USA. This remote environment has left its fingerprint on the natural sounding drums, guitars and slightly trippy lead guitar motifs that feature on the album.

The first stand out track on the album is the guitar chugging camp fire lament 'Satisfy your heart' which has echoes of early Police in the vocal of the lead singer/guitarist Patrick. The guitar melody in this song is particularly great and very similar to a more blissed out John Mcgeoch (if there could be such a thing). There is also some wonderfully crisp drumming from Jordan Chamberlin.

Watch the video for 'Satisfy your heart':

Elsewhere on this kickstarter funded debut album they mix up the styles and moods to keep things fresh. Another standout track is 'Determined to keep you' which pulls off the feat of managing to sound like Leonard Cohen mixed with a softly spoken Roger Waters ala 'Comfortably Numb'. This song showcases a really inventive palm muted guitar riff which is Escher like in the way it ebbs and flows turning in on itself like an early Syd Barrettt composition.

There are definitely some great tracks on this debut album that your ears will thank you for discovering.

To hear the whole album and make your own mind up go to their bandcamp here:



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