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Reviewed on 1st June 2001.



By Amorius

Amorius aim these songs directly at radio play standards - and smack them dead centre. The two tracks (taken from the commercially available four track EP "Transparency") are very smooth, carefully made and well balanced. The production is meticulous and the musicianship is ultra professional. The lite rock feel has a strong melodic undercurrent that is strong without being nagging. The tuneful bits come round and round in subtle and interesting ways. There are layers and samples threaded in that add natural colour without being intrusive. Steve Kane (guitars) and Atreyu (keyboards) are writers and producers with a very deft touch. More info and availability stuff is on their web site.

The first track from the demo is "left standing", a yearning song with a haunting piano figure that winds in and out of the solid guitar bass drums pattern. The House of Commons makes a sampled entry for no obvious musical reason but it reminds us that emotional and political worlds are connected. Take this song as abandoned lover or neglected citizen: either way it works really well. The ending shows the band getting bigger and meatier, before dropping back into that little piano thing that burrows into your ears and won't go away. An excellent track.

The second song "holding out" is longer and more ambitious, but doesn't have quite the same grip. It has some close harmony singing, and a very tidy guitar solo. There is some intricate guitar and keyboard filling and the whole thing builds steadily and convincingly. It's a song about the dumped bloke thing. "what can I do to make things right for you?" he sings, knowing full well what the answer is.

Amorius are working hard here to establish professional credentials and they do it in spades. They definitely make it as arrangers and producers, and their next live gig should be on everyone's list to get to. The close studio feel (Cubase VST to be precise) and the gently blended voices give me the feeling that other bands should be asking them for production help. This has production standards way above your normal "local" stuff. What I don't hear yet is an attention grabbing personality in the voice.

If I drove a car, I'd be happy to have this sort of stuff on while I got lost on the Leeds road "system". It is easy on the ear but it isn't dumb by any standard.



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