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High Tyde : Described as "The band to watch in 2013" I couldn't wait to meet the boys from Brighton, High Tyde, before they played The Cockpit

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Published on 2nd December 2013.


High Tyde

Described as "The band to watch in 2013" I couldn't wait to meet the boys from Brighton, High Tyde, before they played The Cockpit

Described as "The band to watch in 2013" I couldn't wait to meet the boys from Brighton, High Tyde, before they played The Cockpit 3. Full of enthusiasm and plenty of laughs, I caught up with Spencer, Louis and Cody, three quarters of High Tyde.

Starting with the basics, I asked the band to introduce themselves.

Cody - Hi I'm Cody, I sing in High Tyde and I play bass.

Louis - Hi I'm Louis, I play drums and sing a bit.

Spencer - Hi my name is Spencer and I play guitar...

How did you guys form?

Louis - Well me and Spencer met at music school a few summers ago, then we just started busking together in Brighton. Eventually we were like 'right let's start a band'.

Cody - Yeah it was all through mutual friends really, me and Spencer were in metal bands and stuff, then we joined this indie band as a fun little escape from what we did, and then it just sorta took off really.

Who do you think you sound like? Who inspires you?

Cody - Hopefully we don't sound like anyone! [laughs] I guess bands wise we are inspired by like Two Door Cinema club and sounds like that.

Louis - We try to fit as many genres in as we can so it stays interesting, it's like wearing the same clothes all the time, it becomes boring and stale.

Spencer - There's so many bands right now, it's important to stay fresh and make something really individual and unique.

So would you describe yourself as an indie band?

Cody - Well yeah, we are an indie band of sort, we like to mess around with it and have fun.

Spencer - Our live shows aren't typical indie band scene, we've all been in metal bands, so we get into the music and go for it more. It's more fun.

If you had to describe your band in 3 words, what would they be?

Cody - Amazing!

Louis - Eclectic

Spencer - Fabulous [laughs]

Given the chance, what festival would you love to play?

Louis - GLASTONBURY!...I think if Woodstock and Glastonbury made love, then that would be the perfect festival actually.

Cody - We wanna play all the festivals, but Glastonbury is where it's at. We wanna play on the big stage. We've gotta work our arses off.

BBC Introducing said that you were the band to watch in 2013, how did that feel?

Spencer - Maybe 2014 too [laughs]

Cody - Amazing, it was like a little butterfly in the pit of my stomach, it was cool. We now have this thing, any show we get offered, we literally have to take it. We do that because we wanna work our arses off and show people our music. The other day we got shouted out on XFM too, that was pretty cool.

Spencer - It's nice to know that people in the industry actually believe in you. I guess you always wonder if what you are doing is right, so when someone who has loads of experience and as high up in the industry actually believes in you, it's cool. It makes you wanna keep doing this.

Louis - It's like getting your first pay check.

Who writes your lyrics?

Cody - Spencer writes most of the lyrics actually, but we collaborate.

Louis - Yeah, Spence comes up with the foundations, then as a band put it all together.

Have you had an embarrassing stage moment yet?

Cody - Well, actually we played on a house boat in Shoreham, and stupidly I had a little bit too much to drink before hand and whilst playing I shook my head around a little bit too much to handle and like fell over into my synths. That was pretty embarrassing! But it paid off, everyone was laughing and having a good time.

Louis - Spencer staged dived and crumpled some little girl once...

Spencer - It wasn't that bad!

You use Twitter and Facebook a lot, do you think that has helped get you out there?

Spencer - It's a great piece of interaction between audience and band, if you have a stale relationship between the two things over social media then people think you seem arrogant, it's good to keep fans informed about everything.

Louis - If you can put photos with your music and what you're doing, then people feel like they can relate more, it's like judging a book by its cover really. If you've got cool visuals you're gonna get noticed more.

Cody - We've got this thing now, it's like a diamond and we use them in every single status and pictures and stuff and it just adds that personal touch, it looks cool and people see that and recognise it's us.

So are you looking forward to tonight?!

Louis - Yeah a lot, I got the phone call back in August, from the promoter, saying 'how would you like it if we could get Leeds cockpit 3 sold out?' and I just said that would be amazing. The whole tour has been based around tonight, I'm gonna feel quite sad afterwards 'cos it's over.

Cody - We feel it's so nice to come to a town we've never been to before and people are showing up to see your show, it's rad.

You can listen to High Tydes' sounds here:



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