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France by Decoy

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Reviewed on 1st December 2000.



By Decoy

Decoy sit musically in a category that is most definitely not indie; probably more rock, with a tendency and concentration towards creating a guitar ambience. A very technical band.

The EP begins with the title track "France", kicked off with a thirty-second drum and bass intro. There are times during this song that the tempo builds up, you are expecting it to rock out but as hinted via the overly long beginning it never really delivers that killer touch. I admit songs shouldn't always be predictable, and to expect a rocking chorus isn't appropriate, but if the opportunity is there take that chance to impress... after all, you've worked hard to get the listener to that point, so go in for the kill! Unfortunately, it doesn't.

The factor behind "France" not really hitting you is the vocals; Steven - you've got a good voice, stretch yourself and I think you'll impress much more. The vocal style does not change enough between the verses and choruses to make a difference and the rockier guitars are lost as the overall tone is brought down. I can see potential in this song, a nice idea, decent lyrics, Decoy just need to give it some more energy, power and enthusiasm to it into more than just "another song".

Similarly sort of comments with the second track, too much ambience and atmosphere without enough real content - whilst this is no bad thing, some bands do it better. Nice solo though. I get the feeling that "atmospheric" is not what Decoy are trying to - I think they're trying to rock - but sadly falling short somewhere in the in-between ground.

The final track is sort of getting there, a bit more kick to it and a touch-more-rockier introduction.

To close I believe this band have written some good songs - each has me tapping my feet, and I get the impression that they are probably quite an exciting little live band (it's a gut feeling). But recorded, other than the odd moment, I didn't see much to make Decoy stand out from the rest.



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