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Born Silenced

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Born Silenced is a metalcore electronic music project from Auckland, New Zealand.

Born Silenced is a metalcore electronic music project originally from Leeds, UK, but now producing from Auckland, New Zealand.

The history of the band name first arose when a band formed in 2004 as Born Silence, but parted ways in 2006.
All of the band purchased instruments to start the band, and were all new as musicians on day one.

Hailing from Morley, Leeds, all members of Born Silence attended Bruntcliffe High School. Rich, Steve and Phil were all very close friends in the same year, and Steve introduced them to his brother Jon.

The band was first discussed at about 2am after going out for a few drinks, and the members became very interested in starting things up very quickly.

Originally, Rich played guitar instead of Drums, Phil did vocals along with Steve instead of guitar, and the 4 members had an other friend called Nat on drums. He was also new to drums on day one.
After first practising, Nat decided to give up with drums due to not having enough time to practise with work.
The band was prompt on deciding to switch roles, with Rich moving on to drums and Phil moving on to Guitar.
This was the solid line up for the next 2 years.

The band started playing live shows in Leeds with bands such as Mandrax, Black Harvester, Inamba, Kimeera and Cathartic, playing events at various place like Josephs Well, The Vine, New Roscoe. Some fans were lucky enough to see a cover of Pantera - Walk, where Steve jumped on to bass, and Jon grabbed the mic.

In 2005, the band recorded a self titled 10 track album with Andy Devine of D3V0 productions, containing all of the early songs the band created (2006(66), Sunrise, For You, Take You Away, Hate, No More Excuses, House Of Pain, Escape, Broken & Sacrifice).

In 2006, Steve parted ways with the band due to work and personal commitments.
Still practising together, Rich, Phil & Jon listed on the internet for a new vocalist, and along came one called Luke.
After a few practises with Luke as the new vocalist, the band decided that it wasnt the same without Steve and decided to call it quits.

Rich joined a band called Plasma Mobility alongside James Keaney and Rob Cashcetto in late 2006 and this became his main focus for the next 3 years, carrying on the role of drums.
Plasma Mobility parted ways in 2009, and Rich formed a new band called 3 Page Story, along with Steve. Other members included Plasma Mobility's Rob Caschetto, and other members Chris Purdy and Steven Hall. 3 Page Story was only running for about 3 months, when the band parted ways due to Musical Differences.

Nothing was done for Born Silence from late 2006 - early 2009, when Rich started his own music project combining Metal & aspects of Electronic, and decided to carry it on in the old band name, with a 'D' on the end - Born Silence became Born Silenced.

Rich created an instrumental album called The Colony Of Your Infected Heart, synthesising the drums, playing the guitar and bass and programming the electronic.
The album was completed, recorded and released in 2010.
A version with more tracks and a new cover was released in 2014, containing 4 extra tracks. 2 new ones featuring Phil doing Bass, a demo, and the live version of 2006(66) which the band use to play when making their way to the stage.

in 2012, Rich asked Phil to re join Born Silenced, and he did, taking on the roll of bass. Phil recorded bass for 2 of the extra tracks on the 2014 release of the Colony Of Your Infected Heart.

From 2012 - 2014, Rich was working under his electronic alias Kaushun, completing and releasing an album in 2014 called Systaltic Roulade.

In 2014, all 4 original members from the Born Silence days agreed to get back together and record a 5 track ep, which was released in December 2015.

Rich continues to produce for Born Silenced alone, from his new home Auckland, New Zealand.



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