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Reviewed on 1st November 2000.



By Swift

"Swift will remove your mask, whether dressed in white or dressed in black." they claim.

A surreptitious war on Slipknot fans? I wish. Lets see if they can live up to their promises.

The first and title track 'Spinning' is disappointing, with its 'Life of Riley' -esque riff it sort of jogs along in a inescapably mock-Oasis way. The singer actually does have a sound of Noel Gallagher - which is no bad thing, unfortunately they seem to have the same lyrical sense. When the chorus kicks in (not that it really kicks anything) there are no surprises. I'm not asking for an explosion or anything - just something a bit less monotonous. At least it's a brief respite from the persistent one-note bass line. 'Swiftly' moving on then...(sorry - cheap pun!)

The guitar intro of 'Blinding' - like a mellow version of the opening of Placebo's 'Nancy Boy' promises something more epic. Yet again it goes into the annoying repeated bass note. When Martin Haw hits the high or held notes, or even worse - both, it is not pleasant and it's nice to get to the chorus. It's noticeable that the music seems to revolve around the vocals and maybe the lead singer because the band are Accompaniment with a capital A. It'd be nice to hear some innovative guitar playing or experiment with sounds. 'Blinding' goes on for too long without really going anywhere. And cut out the warbling at the end.

'You're My Love'. Is it the obligatory acoustic song? Title suggests so. Actually it's pleasantly surprising - at least at the beginning where there is some interesting guitar arpeggio going on. It could be quite atmospheric if they got rid of the incessant hi-hat - or maybe the drums and bass altogether. Then the vocals come in - OK - but where is the melody? You're not Joy Division. AOR chorus and the one-note bass line returns to haunt us.

Final track is 'Friends' - a live version. It's always better to hear what a band can do live and if these guys are aiming high then they'll have realised that it takes something convincing on record to coerce record company people to a gig - a live recording is the next best thing. Or at least it would be if the Oasis/The Stone Roses in them didn't prevail over everything. The clichéd lyrics aren't much good either. Ditto the title track. 'Swift' need to aim higher than pub rock unless they want to spend their lives on the toilet circuit.



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