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Greatest Hits by Levellers

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Reviewed on 25th July 2014.


Greatest Hits

By Levellers

Now you can have all your favourite Levellers songs in one place, as they have released their Greatest Hits CD! This by no means points to the end of 26 years of the Levs, far from it. Now though in the times between the band tours (and lets face it, for a band as hard working as these guys it's not that often) from the release date of 29th September you can put on the CD and have your own Levs gig (if you're old school like me, no Spotify playlists here). Pre-order it here: http://levellers.tmstor.es/

The songs were compiled by the band themselves, and the 2 CD set comes with a DVD, featuring all the bands singles and videos together for the first time in their wide career. This is also on digital format. The extra digital box set is a 5 volume digital LP complete with B-sides, covers, remixes and live versions, rarities and other unreleased tracks.

All versions excitedly contain collaborations with some of the Levellers musical friends. Imelda May gives a stunning 50's vocal style to 'Beautiful Day', Frank Turner provides a beautiful beat to 'Julie', Bellowhead do their unique style to 'Just The One' adding a list of drinks, and there is a very limited edition to be released with a bonus 7'' single of 'Hope Street' performed by Billy Bragg and the Levellers. This highlights yet again how poignant these lyrics are; that they so sadly still stand true today.

The DVD follows the CD, and features the exclusive videos of the extra collaborated tracks. They include session shots, acting from the Levs and a bit of session banter in there. It's done in the Levellers no-frills style (the 'Beautiful Days' intro for all of the menu start up pages (if selecting tracks rather than play all) can be a little too much after a while though, mind you what DVD menu sound isn't!).

The album listing covers the Levellers whole back catalogue, and there is even 'The Recruiting Sgt' complete with the swearing! The tour for this special release is coming our way starting 29th October and running until 22nd November taking in 12 dates at Folkestone, Nottingham, Bristol, London, Birmingham, Norwich, Portsmouth, Wrexham, Newcastle, Sheffield, Glasgow and Manchester, with the Selector as support. Also keep an eye out for former Chumbawumba frontman Dunstan Bruce's documentary 'A Curious Life', focusing on the bands years between 1988 to 1998.

At the last show I saw them at this month in Holmfirth there were noticeably more people of a young age there, whether they have come on the back of going to the hugely popular and once again sold 'Beautiful Days' festival with their parents or discovered the Levellers by themselves like I did at 14, the inclusion of these tracks featuring artists like Frank Turner will only bring this amazing band to a wider audience.



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