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Reviewed on 1st November 2000.



By Recess

Quick refresh on Recess. This Recess is not the "grunge Recess" that has been reviewed a couple of times in the live section over the past month or so. I know it's confusing (one of you change your name guys, in fact probably both of you; there's likely to be another Recess elsewhere too) but this is the Recess who have been formed now since 1994. A four-piece, Recess have also been attracting label interest with a popular live set and an equally talented CD.

What is so obvious from the band notes that attached the CD are the comments "the style of music in not easy to categorise" and "a very distinctive sound". Now I'm not for one second doubting the validity of such text... err, ok - so I am... opening track "Northern Lights" was such a dead ringer for The Stone Roses; it just hit me straight away. From the opening bass line to the guitar, the vocal style, everything. Every bit of this song was heyday, early Stone Roses - "Sally Cinnamon", etc. Although you probably get the picture now, I'll close by saying that if you put this on in between your old Roses CDs no one will know the difference.

Now the good bit. Although it was so obviously influenced by that genre and one band in particular, there was nothing lacking in the song. In fact the lyrics, the song writing, guitar playing and the vocals were all top notch. A five-minute reminder of the good old days and a song that was catchy, well delivered and maintained a level of expectancy, i.e. I couldn't turn it off. So much so, I kept returning to the track... over, and over again. I hate bands that do that to me - stop writing memorable songs!

A touch of originality in another five-minute song, though the second track "Do You Expect This?" still shows traces of influences from early 90s bands. In fact, except for a little more "rock" in the last two tracks we're pretty much down that alley all the way.

I'm still debating whether the creative and technical talent can outweigh the general lack of originality. It's one hell of a CD, one that I have enjoyed listening to over the past few days - in saying that I believe I have probably answered my own question. Ok, so for a demo it may fail to be picked up by A&R for reasons discussed (unless that's what they wanted, of course) but who cares? This will be a cracking live band and is such a good foot tapping catchy CD to listen to. So sod originality (in this instance).



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