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Young Guns : Hot off the Leeds Festival stage, we had a chat with Gustav Wood and Fraser Taylor of Young Guns.

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Published on 14th September 2014.


Young Guns

Hot off the Leeds Festival stage, we had a chat with Gustav Wood and Fraser Taylor of Young Guns.

It is an exciting time for them with the release of I Want Out, the first single from their forthcoming third album (see link below). The single has been very well received and sees Young Guns back on tour, and at the top of their game. Currently touring the USA, you can catch them later this year supporting Bring Me The Horizon at Wembley Arena. They took the time to have a candid chat with us about life in the band, celeb fans and stage mishaps!

Who would you ban from making any more music?
Gustav : I will apologise because a lot of people like them, but Megadeth, it is just not my thing and I have never got in to them, I am not a fan. Do you like Megadeth?
I avoid the question and just say 'well it is each to their own...'

Have you get a celebrity fan, or who is your is the most surprising fan of your music?
Fraser: Apparently Jamie Oliver likes us, Unusual but cool.
Gustav: I met one of the guitarist from Slipknot, we were playing the Carolina Rebellion last year and I was watching Stone Sour and Jim Root when he came off he I was like 'Great show man' and he said, you do that song Bones man, I love that song. I mean this is the guy I grew up listening to. So that was pretty cool and a big deal for me.

Describe the characters in the band?
Fraser: Ben and Si are the comedians, but Si more the Joker
Gustav: Ben is the one who organises things, but Fraser you have an organisational streak when the mood takes you.
Fraser: (Pensive) Who is the Peacemaker
Gustav: I don't know if we have peacemaker...maybe John
What is your character Gustav?
Gustav: I am the one who bring the negativity and sarcasm; we all bring very different characters to the band. Simon and Ben are always quite light hearted and you can always rely on them to break the ice and make something happy and fun when it is quite stressful, Fraser is very much the practical one and John and I are quite moody.
Fraser: It's a big dysfunctional family, but I have never seen anyone work as hard as John.

What is your most embarrassing stage moment?
Gustav: Too many to mention...I have had jeans rip apart at the crotch, while my foot was on a monitor, so you were getting a direct view in to my Balls. It has happened on more than one occasion, so I have had to get used to it!! I have fallen flat on my face, it was the Kerrang Tour, I think it was in Birmingham, I ran out right at the start of the set and Bang! Flat on my face. What about you Fraser?
Fraser: I haven't had too many mishaps, but there has been time where my guitar just doesn't work and I am just stood there looking at it. Oh and that moment when all the music stops apart from you, but you have to just roll with it.

Do you have a stalker? A Mel type character from Flight of the Conchords?
We don't have stalkers, but we have people who I would consider to be more dedicated side of our audience, not stalkers. To be honest with you, when you get somewhere and you see the same faces, it is actually reassuring. It makes you feel comforted and at home in a way. It makes you feel like people actually give a shit.

Where is the best place your music has taken you?
Both: Tokyo! (as they both look at each other)
Gustav: It is a place I have wanted to go to all my life. But yeah, Tokyo.

What has been your favourite gig to date?
Gustav: A good question to end on.
Fraser: Mine was headline show at Shepherds Bush, we did one at the Forum at Kentish town, it was great, but all our lighting blew up. That was actually our biggest ever show to date.
Sometimes those little things that happen can make a gig stand out...
Gustav: It makes it more special.
Fraser: It was one that people will remember.
Gustav: Because it all went wrong, we came off stage for 10 minutes while they tried to fix it. They couldn't, so we had to come back on under a little spotlight and it actually made it a more intimate experience, but with 10,000 people.

Thank you so much for your time. Good luck with the new single, which is sounding great by the way and we can't wait to hear the album. Take care and we will see you again soon.

Watch the video for I Want Out below.



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