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Deaž Žurhfaran Eftboren - Herete“am fram Anweald by Hryre

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Reviewed on 20th September 2014.


Deaž Žurhfaran Eftboren - Herete“am fram Anweald

By Hryre

Apparently this is the first part in the "Deaž Žurhfaran Eftboren" (full title translates as 'Death, Transition, Rebirth - The Devastation of Empires') trilogy from Hryre (Ruin), and what a immense way to start.

After the first minute of quiet atmospherics in the intro, 'Heretéam fram Anweald' batters its way in with an immense confidence for a debut release, but, then, members of this band are well experienced, playing in Wodensthrone, A Forest Of Stars, Acolyte, Diascorium and Axis of Perdition. You can definitely hear the sum of those parts in the basic blueprint of the band, but they've also brought along something new to the table. Half way through the opening piece, the rage disperses, leaving an eerie, cleaner sounding guitar to re-build things into a monumentally dramatic, early Emperor-esque, keyboard led ending.

If you add together the greats, such as Emperor on their 'In The Nightside Eclipse' album, with something a bit more oppressive like Deathspell Omega, 1349 (the song 'Hellfire' especially), then that can give you an idea of where Hryre are batting from.

The mix of sinister, creepy chord changes, vicious high vocals and calmer moments, atmospherics, peaks and troughs is really well balanced throughout the whole EP.

All of this brings us to the closing monster, 'Lifiende Beneožan žęs Brerd', which has a combination of Drudkh, latter day Mayhem and something almost in the style of a film soundtrack at times.

Great waves of sonic darkness move in and out throughout this debut from Hryre, sections changing at just the right time and aren't played out for too long. This lends itself to a fluid, well rounded listen, whichever way your black metal leanings take you. It will be interesting to watch how things progress with the band on the future parts of this trilogy.

Bandcamp - http://hryre.bandcamp.com
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/hryreuk
Twitter - https://twitter.com/HryreUK
Contact - hryreuk@yahoo.com



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