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Wrath of an Ancient Darkness by Slaughter Throne

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Reviewed on 13th October 2014.


Wrath of an Ancient Darkness

By Slaughter Throne

Slaughter Throne have been making a fair good name for themselves during 2014 on the (mostly) local extreme metal circuit. They deliver an intense, death-infused version of black metal, and it punches you in the face with a massive amount of confidence and power relative to their early days stature. Having played a couple of gigs with them as well, they seem like perfectly sound chaps as well.

Their four track self-released EP is available for download on Bandcamp or in physical form, and is a solid twenty minutes worth of riffs. The opener 'Black Forest' includes a massive intro section which takes up half the song before any vocals come in. I hear tinges of Behemoth, Dissection, later day Mayhem and a slowed down Dark Funeral as this song lurches in a sinister, creeping fashion, and encapsulates the darkness of a mood of a forest out in the middle of nowhere very well. The title track is next, upping the speed of things, throwing in a choice riff right from the off, and is a belter of a tune in all honesty. Certainly one that belies the newness of the band. This has an air of Hate Eternal about it as well (not as fast, but similar style of riffs).

This leads straight in to 'Baptizo de Sanguis', which for me is the best of the bunch. Slightly more direct, and has some pretty huge riffs in there, thudding and stomping about, the most death metal approach of the songs. 'Altar of the Black Goat' closes our introduction to Slaughter Throne, slowing things down a little again but remains a strong, punishing piece.

I think I'd like to hear a few faster sections here and there which would really make things explode, especially when the slower, heavier parts drop in, but this is a tight and well made recording. Certainly a name to keep note of in the black metal world.



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