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Oil-Powered Machine / Detroit Red by Fold

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Reviewed on 12th December 2014.


Oil-Powered Machine / Detroit Red

By Fold

Fold are an experimental live trip-hop four-piece based in Leeds, UK. Their double A-side release "Oil-Powered Machine / Detroit Red" gets a pair of BIG thumbs up from me. Here's why.

"Oil-Powered Machine" is a progressive funky-rock offering with a down-beat backdrop. that does NOT sound like it was recorded in Huddersfield. It has that genuine authenticity to its overall sound, which shows attention to detail and instantly takes the listener away from Leeds, over the ocean and straight to North America in the creation of what would not sound out of place on an American indie movie soundtrack. The way the track "pops" under the vocal sampling really does impress and leaves plenty of space whilst drawing you further in, leaving the "speech" as the star.

"Detroit Red" instantly has an authentic Detroit sound which steps forward in a trip-hop based string-tastic rock-a-thon. This track has been extremely well captured and moulded into a powerful entity with great structures that don't disjoint or distract from the feel, and yet allow the listener to "get the point" of the vocal samples. Here we have a brilliant soundscape. To describe it best? Awesome American Soundtrack trip-hop with a political edge? That'll do me. If you are a fan of Dynamic Syncopation or Breakestra or Portishead... this Double-A side will have you bobbing your head in seconds.

Both tracks use speeches by the 2 late influential American movement leaders, Michael Ruppert (1951-2014) and Malcolm X (1925-1965), and are used as vehicles to pay homage to subjects that are close to the bands hearts. The way these tracks have been put together as a double-A side is both appropriate and very clever and is indeed a great way to pay tribute to the speakers, whilst creating a great pair of records that definitely deserve your attention. Fold will now remain on my radar and I look forward to catching them performing live VERY soon. Reports indicate that they prefer to use feel instead of metronomes and that HAS to be worth checking out.



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Based in Leeds Fold is a live downtempo / trip-hop 4 piece. Integrating spoken word samples in experimental ways their songs reflect some of the heavier stuff going on in the world without being preachy.

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