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The StrangeForms Interviews: Falls : Stewart from Bad Owl Presents chatted with Falls guitarist, Phil, before their StrangeForms appearance next month.

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Published on 9th March 2015.


The StrangeForms Interviews: Falls

Stewart from Bad Owl Presents chatted with Falls guitarist, Phil, before their StrangeForms appearance next month.

BAD OWL PRESENTS: You're heading out on tour with our buddies in Allusondrugs at the end of the month - how did that come about and what top tips do you have for surviving life on the road?

FALLS: We were in the process of booking our own tour for Easter, and our manager (who is a London-based South-Walian with the sort of unbridled vigour and drive I've only really read about in books) hit us up and said we were touring with Allusondrugs. That's it really. We really like the guys and we're presuming they like us, which can only mean this'll be the start of a beautiful relationship and we'll be spending Christmas together like the McCallister family in Home Alone.

Our tips for life on the road are to quickly establish a currency or bartering system, this can be anything from choice of driving game to wet wipes. The medically prescribed 'five a day' should, for convenience, be reduced to one a day. It's also important to be able to convince the body that two hours of sleep a day is seven hours of sleep a day, so it helps if you have the ability to bend time and space to your every whim.

BOP: Your ace new single 'Mastiff', which is out on the Too Pure Singles Club, has been compared to a cross between Tiffany and Pulled Apart By Horses. Fair?

FALLS: Firstly, thanks for calling it 'ace', we appreciate compliments. Secondly, yeah that's fair. We really like old pop music, when hooks were hooks and intentions didn't stretch beyond wanting to make people wiggle. The PABH comparisons are at times a little lazy, but nobody really has a frame of reference for dirty mosher bands who have pop sensibilities. We don't even know what we are, so it's genuinely impressive when reviewers and promoters come up with a comparison that makes sense.

BOP: The Falls live experience is pretty exhilarating and tends to use the room (and sometimes the audience!) as a stage - what can we expect from your StrangeForms set and what's the worst injury the band has suffered through their art?

FALLS: We just like to have fun live, and any audience who has been kind enough to assemble in front of our stupid bodies deserves to have fun too. We won't know what's going to happen at Strangeforms until we kick the set off, but we've done so many stupid things live that raising the bar is starting to get very interesting. At a recent show our singer/guitarist Martin disappeared mid-song, I had no idea where he was until he emerged through the crowd holding a stepladder above his head like Rafiki does Simba in The Lion King. Our shows are weird. We're always superficially damaging each other live by mistakenly kicking and hitting and kissing each other but I have broken all 8 of my fingers during sets and smashed my front teeth to pieces during a video shoot - so they're probably the worst.

BOP: Falls will be playing on the Saturday at StrangeForms - are you planning on sticking around for the day or weekend and, if so, who are you looking forward to seeing?

FALLS: As it's slap bang in the middle of our tour with Allusondrugs, we have dates on the Friday and Sunday, so whilst we'd love to stick around, we're only there for the day we're playing. We like, love and respect all of the bands playing, too! The kickass thing about Strangeforms is that there's no place for the boring or derivative, so it's tough to single anyone out when they're all trying to expand music via they're own progressive approaches (except for us, who are just layering Black Sabbath riffs over P!nk singles)

BOP: Falls are asked to curate their own gig - what four bands, past or present, would you have on the bill?

The rest of FALLS aren't having a say in this, but I'm going to go for:

Opening is Rammstein (because why not start there?)
Then we're going to sass things up a trifle with a sweet 30 minutes from Prince
Next up, who's that? IT'S ONLY THIN LIZZY!
Closing is the entire line-up of the 2000 'Up in Smoke Tour', Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube, Eminem, Proof, Nate Dogg, Kurupt, Nate Dogg, Warren G, Xzibit and D12.They're all on stage at once performing a horrible and inaudible mash up of their greatest hits.

BOP: And finally, other than StrangeForms, what are Fall's plans for the rest of 2015?

FALLS: Well, the Allusondrugs tour is taking us to Chester, Stoke, Blackburn, Lincoln, Hull, Doncaster, Wakefield, Glasgow, Aberdeen, Dundee, Sheffield and Barnsley. We're also flying the nest during that tour for a few dates of our own in Birmingham, Leeds (that's you that is) and Manchester. We're going to have seen a lot of the UK, which is nice because I'm working on a business idea of a Panini sticker album but instead of footballers and their teams it's service stations and their motorways. We're playing FOCUS WALES in Wrexham on April 25th which is always a riot. Other than that we're probably just going to carry on writing new noises, playing shows, releasing said noises, playing more shows and repeating that until we're dead or hate each other.

Falls play StrangeForms at 7pm on Saturday 4th April.

Weekend tickets cost 15 and can be purchased from Jumbo Records, Wharf Chambers or online at https://badowlpresents.bandcamp.com/merch

Day tickets cost 9 and can be purchased online at https://www.wegottickets.com/f/8765



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