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The StrangeForms Interviews: Waking Aida : Stewart from Bad Owl Presents chatted with Waking Aida guitarist, James C, in the lead up to the band's StrangeForms appearance.

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Published on 16th March 2015.


The StrangeForms Interviews: Waking Aida

Stewart from Bad Owl Presents chatted with Waking Aida guitarist, James C, in the lead up to the band's StrangeForms appearance.

BAD OWL PRESENTS: First off, can you tell us a little bit of history behind the band and how you all came together?

JAMES C: We wouldn't have met without Youtube. I was trying to find people to play music with at university in Southampton. I was spending aimless hours watching cover videos and found this Biffy Clyro cover by Alex, our drummer, who was also in Southampton,(https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Zkvoq_DKlY)and then things fell into place from there.

BOP: 2014 was quite a year for Waking Aida - you released your debut album 'Eschaton' to critical acclaim, played ArcTanGent Festival and supported Maybeshewill on a run of UK dates. What were your own particular highlights?

JAMES C: ArcTanGent was up there, especially because we were all there on the first year so had been itching to play, we packed out the tent too which was amazing to see. Supporting Maybeshewill was super too, they're real nice and playing some bigger venues was very cool.

BOP: There seems to be an abundance of great post-rock and math-rock acts coming from the South-coast these days with you guys and Karhide from Southampton and the likes of Polymath, Monsters Build Mean Robots, Shrine and We Never Learned To Live from Brighton. Does it feel like a cohesive scene and who are your own favourite acts from the area?

JAMES C: We're sort of based all over the place at the moment so it's difficult to say for sure. The Brighton scene is pretty strong and it's always a lively city with a lot of good shows. Southampton used to be great- we'd play shows with Apollo's Arrows and Part Dinosaur about 5 years ago, there was this good little Mathy scene going on but it's unfortunately died a death. Arctangent has really helped in general with the number of post-rock and math gigs going on, I think, as there seem to be more joint tours and more bands talking to each other now. I didn't actually realise Shrine were from Brighton - I saw them play with Bad Owl legends Vasa - that was a sweet gig. Also, Monsters Build Mean Robots are a great band and lovely lads.

BOP: Waking Aida will be playing on the Sunday at StrangeForms - are you planning on sticking around for the day or weekend and, if so, who are you looking forward to seeing?

JAMES C: We are playing a gig in Preston the day beforebut we definitely plan on getting down early on Sunday for all the festivities . We hope Kusanagiare playing on Sunday because we'd love to see them again.

BOP: Waking Aida are asked to curate their own gig - what four bands, past or present, would you have on the bill?

JAMES C: Oof, this is tough.

A reformed Oceansize as headliners. Main supports Three Trapped Tigers and Vessels for some electronic goodness, and so you can witness Adam Betts (TTT) and Mark Heron ('Size) in the same room. Alarmist as an opening act (NB: they are way, way too good to be an opening act!).

BOP: And finally, other than StrangeForms, what are Waking Aida's plans for the rest of 2015?

JAMES C: We have a Spring Tour around the same time as StrangeForms, and we're playing the awesome Handmade festival in Leicester. There's also some new music in the works...watch this space!

Waking Aida play StrangeForms at 6pm on Sunday 5th April.

Weekend tickets cost 15 and can be purchased from Jumbo Records, Wharf Chambers or online at https://badowlpresents.bandcamp.com/merch

Day tickets cost 9 and can be purchased online at https://www.wegottickets.com/f/8765



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