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The StrangeForms Interviews: Kusanagi : Stewart from Bad Owl Presents quizzed Kusanagi bassist, Dan, in the lead up to their StrangeForms appearance.

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Published on 28th March 2015.


The StrangeForms Interviews: Kusanagi

Stewart from Bad Owl Presents quizzed Kusanagi bassist, Dan, in the lead up to their StrangeForms appearance.

BAD OWL PRESENTS: Your last EP 'They Will Come Back For You...' has been a constant on our car stereo for the past year. Can you tell us a little about the EP?

DAN: They Will Come Back For You... was fun to write - we took a bit of different approach to the first EP by trying to keep a theme running through it. The writing process was easier as we simplified elements of our sound whilst keeping the subtle technical bits. We became better at structuring songs and compromising on parts and I think we became better mates overall and got the best out of each other musically. The album sounds sonically better than first EP and the songs are more acomplished. Overall it was a good experience and we got a lot of good feedback from people who listened to it.Glad you guys liked playing it in your car!

BOP: It's a little more than a year since the EP was released - are there any plans afoot for new material?

DAN: At the minute we are are writing new material for an album. We've played a few new tracks at some recent gigs to test them out and they've gone down well. We've got about 7 new tracks so shall see where we end up and hopefully get into the studio in the summer. We're really excited as we've added a lot of new elements to the sound which I think people will like.

BOP: How do you find the music scene in your home city of Liverpool and can you recommend some bands that we might not have heard yet?

DAN: Musically Liverpool is great at the minute for alternative/post rock bands. You've got Alpha Male Tea Party who are brilliant but there's a number of great bands also coming through. I'd highly recommend TAWS, Mothers, Pocket Apocalypse, Glossom, Jazz Hands, Singapore Strategy, Wired to Follow and Scouts to name a few. Promoters such as Yeah Buddy, Monster Sound Collective and ourselves (Rock Formations) will always try and get shows on when we can.

As for venues, Liverpool is becoming harder to put gigs on for smaller promoters like ourselves. A lot of venues face battles to stay open or have already been closed. Other venues won't put bands on anymore as they fear noise complaints from new accommodation sites and others simply charge silly money which prices promoters out. It's a shame as its a great city and one that was built on music and art but the powers that be seem to have been changing that over the last year. We will always try to put as many gigs as we can on and places like Maguire's Pizza Bar are a blessing for DIY gigs. We just need a few more venues like that to open and be brilliant.

BOP: Kusanagi will be playing on the Sunday at StrangeForms - are you planning on sticking around for the day or weekend and, if so, who are you looking forward to seeing?

DAN: We won't be there on Saturday but highly recommend our buds Alright The Captain - top band. Envoys play nice big post rock mixed with Deftones sounds and also Falls. On Sunday we're really looking forward to seeing Waking Aida and Trojan Horse again. We're also looking forward to seeing Fly On Byrd Fly On and Worriedaboutsatan. Great lineup all round.

BOP: Kusanagi are asked to curate their own gig - what bands, past or present, would you have on the bill?

DAN: That's a tough one as we all have a varied taste in music. I'd go for an all dayer of; Mastodon, Lite, ASIWYFA, Deftones, QOTSA, Nirvana, Tool, NIN and Rush (Headline) with Rammstein/Prodigy after show.

BOP: And finally, other than StrangeForms, what are Kusanagi's plans for the rest of 2015?

DAN: We have a few gigs lined up from now until the end of May then hopefully we'll get into the studio and record our first album over the summer. Overall a lot to look forward too!

Kusanagi play StrangeForms at 4pm on Sunday the 5th of April.

Weekend tickets cost 15 and can be purchased from Jumbo Records, Wharf Chambers or online at https://badowlpresents.bandcamp.com/merch

Day tickets cost 9 and can be purchased online at https://www.wegottickets.com/f/8765



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