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The StrangeForms Interviews: Samoans : Stewart from Bad Owl Presents caught up with Samoans guitarist, Dan, in the lead up to their StrangeForms appearance.

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Published on 3rd April 2015.


The StrangeForms Interviews: Samoans

Stewart from Bad Owl Presents caught up with Samoans guitarist, Dan, in the lead up to their StrangeForms appearance.

BAD OWL PRESENTS: We're delighted that Samoans have been able to play StrangeForms at such short notice (after the loss of Telepathy from the line-up). The performance will form part of your upcoming tour - where else are you playing and is there anywhere in particular that you're looking forward to playing?

DAN: We're touring the whole length of the UK over 2 weeks, from Aberdeen to Exeter. We're looking forward to all of the shows, especially playing in towns we haven't been before.

BOP: You've been through a couple of line-up changes in the past two years - how would you say the changes have contributed to your current sound?

DAN: When Calvin and I started the band our songs were a little all over the place, to say the least. Once we got Chris in from Hold Your Horse Is it gave us a stronger foundation to work on and he has a great songwriter's mind. We added Oli to the line-up after we had written and recorded our debut album Rescue as we wanted to achieve the sound of the album live and Oli was our first choice. He is one of the best guitarists and songwriting partners I've known and has helped us expand our sound much more than I expected.

BOP: With yourselves playing Sunday and Falls playing on Saturday we have Wales represented on both days of StrangeForms - how is the alt/math/post scene in the country and what local bands are you currently listening to?

DAN: I love Falls! I met them a few years back in Cardiff at a festival and we got on really well. Ben Griffiths (their bassist) is so prolific with his musical output it's unreal! A few years ago there was a strong scene coming out of Cardiff. Despite the scene not being as strong as it was there are still a few bands that I think are doing amazing things like This Is Wreckage, The Death Of Her Money, Kutosis and Esuna.

BOP: Samoans will be playing on the Sunday at StrangeForms - are you planning on sticking around for the day or weekend and, if so, who are you looking forward to seeing?

DAN: We'll be driving from Glasgow on the day of the show so hope we arrive early enough to catch some bands and hang out for a bit. I think the bands in general I'm looking forward to catching are &U&I and Her Name Is Calla.

BOP: Samoans are asked to curate their own gig - what four bands, past or present, would you have on the bill?

DAN: - The Doors (I mean imagine seeing The fucking Doors!), Nine Inch Nails, Radiohead & Feist.

BOP: And finally, other than StrangeForms, what are Samoans' plans for the rest of 2015?

DAN: We've got some festivals coming up this summer like 2000 Trees, Handmade Festival and Camden Rocks to name a few and in between we'll be writing and recording the next record.W e'll probably tour again before the year is out too.

Samoans play StrangeForms at 9pm on Sunday 5th of April.

Weekend tickets cost 15 and can be purchased from Jumbo Records, Wharf Chambers or online at https://badowlpresents.bandcamp.com/merch

Day tickets cost 9 and can be purchased online at https://www.wegottickets.com/f/8765



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