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True Brew by Millencolin

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Reviewed on 8th April 2015.


True Brew

By Millencolin

As the guitar kicks in, there's a feeling of Bad Religion in this first track 'Egocentric Man' from Swedish skate punkers Millencolin. This is their first release in over seven years; as the band have waited to release something great rather than just release something. And this is great! 'Chameleon' has an anthemic quality to it. There's a sense of a sea shanty coming through for 'Autopilot Mode'. 'Bring it Home' is a little more rock n roll punk with it's echo's in the verses. The BR influence is back again for 'Sense & Sensibility', a stand out track with a topical look at growing nationalism and racist political parties in Sweden, but happening all over the world. .
The title track is a staccato head nodder of a song, a very polished punk track anthem, as is 'Perfection Is Boring'. 'Wall of Doubt' starts with a solemn keyboard but soon legs it with the metronome drumbeat and palm muted speed guitars. 'Something I Would Die For' slows it down a bit for a breath and as well as a chance to catch your breath it's time to take in Sarcevic's deep lyrics. BR influence 'Silent Suicide' with its shout-a-long chorus and riffs all in a nice short punk package.
'Man Of 1000 Tics' is a classic track already after one airing, with a typical Millencolin guitar sustain ending. 'Mr Fake Believe' also slows the beat a little bit for some 'fists meet the air' action. 'Believe In John' ends with a wordless chorus of "Na" resembling an American teen sitcom but up to that point its a damn good punk rock track. This is one great release from Millencolin, and well worth the seven year wait to get it right.



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