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Reviewed on 15th April 2015.



Live at Brudenell Social Club on Friday, 10th April 2015

Jonny Firth has been in a number of bands over the last few years but with his new-ish band CryBabyCry he may have hit the jackpot. The Wakefield three piece, completed by bassist and co-vocalist Rosie Doonan and drummer Nici Todd, play an exhilarating brand of blues riff rock, that whilst influenced by the likes of Jack White and The Black Keys (Doonan acknowledges the fact by wearing one of their t shirts), is never derivative. For one thing, Doonan's bass playing is integral to the band's sound and for another Todd's drumming, with the regular presence of intricate little runs, is far more than just a rudimentary way of keeping time. Layered over the top of this impressive bedrock is Firth's blistering, strafing guitar lines that are a match for anything produced by the aforementioned White.

Tonight's gig is in aid of launching their new EP and a big and enthusiastic crowd has turned out to witness the unveiling, which says Firth means 'they can pay the rent this month'. There is little doubt that the band rise to the occasion and prove they deserve on merit to sell out the Brudenell with a storming set brimming over with passion, energy and above all else fun. The set is dominated by uptempo blues rock numbers but the band cleverly punctuate the show with a handful of slower, more soulful numbers that give proceedings a pleasing variety.

New single Spin City (no relation to the nineties Michael J Fox sitcom) and Go Go typify the band's sound. The former has a wonderfully slinky, sinuous verse that transforms into a strutting powerhouse during the imposing chorus and features an incredibly sonorous vocal from Doonan. The latter has a creeping, sinister quality, vaguely reminiscent of Wild Beasts before breaking out into a chorus propelled by Doonan's fuzz bass line and Firth's gravelly vocals.

Elsewhere the likes of Shine, Tramp and Love Got Me Wrong are equally as strong. By the time the band are virtually commanded to return to the stage for an encore, the room is pulsating with energy. It's not hard to imagine this same atmosphere being reproduced throughout the country and beyond.



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On 25th August 2015 at 17:48 Izzy Thomas wrote...

Hi Sam,Do you have any form of contact i could use for my manager to get in touch with you by? I'm a female rock & soul artist, and have a gig at the library (360 club) in leeds 10th of oct, which i'd love you do review.my email is izzythomasinfo@gmail.comand my managers is mail@johnkartelmanagement.co.ukThanksIzzy


On 25th August 2015 at 18:23 Izzy Thomas wrote...

Here is the title track to my current EP, "Sell Your Soul"https://vimeo.com/99587664



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