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A Curious Life (DVD/CD) by Levellers

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Reviewed on 22nd April 2015.


A Curious Life (DVD/CD)

By Levellers

Here we have an intimate look into one of the bands that surpassed many people expectations and are still playing sell out shows to their loyal fans, 27 years after first forming. Tales of this formation can be found in this all access roam through the Levellers story, told in its own way by the Levs much loved bassist Jez, and have many have said since seeing the film, if you didn't love Jez before the film you will after watching it. Here we see him feed his 'pet' pigeons (cat food if you were wondering), show us into The Levellers own Metway Studios and take us to his parent's house. During the Q and A in Leeds before the release Jez joked that his parents will be on Gogglebox later this year!

You can see where Jez gets his formidable nature from, these two truly love what his son has managed, despite the tough times in the past, and his Dad has collected many items and every press clipping from The Levellers career. The director Dunstan Bruce even had to borrow some of this material for this film, plus send Jeremy to root for a video of Glastonbury where they call Michael Eavis a word I shouldn't type and nearly get banned from the festival for good. If any band needs to be on the Glasto line up, forget Kanye West and Alt-J, it's The Levellers.

Not all of these press releases have been good, the mainstream press have always struggled with The Levellers as they didn't see it coming and can't explain their success (why try?!) and this leads to an intimate moment with Jez in a place fitting for a slagging off of a certain NME review of Levelling The Land by Andrew Collins...

There is plenty of archive footage including early gigs in Brighton in 1988 and 1989 and Live At Glastonbury in 1992. There's also deleted scenes including the Levellers at the BBC Folk Awards. The CD is Live at Dublin's St Patrick Cathedral from January 31st, 2015. This certainly is a must for any Levellers fan, as soon as you go shopping for whiskey with Jez you do indeed love this shy, curious character even more.



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