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Gig review of Interrobang? + Two Car Family

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Reviewed on 11th May 2015.



Live at Brudenell Social Club on Saturday, 9th May 2015

Last week started with me reaching out into the twitosphere for new sounds. It paid off. Secretly though I wanted a gig invite. Sitting here with my feet up, producing my usual blether on new releases is all well and good (and comfy). But the best way to try newness is letting it hit you straight in the chops. Interrobang? and Two Car Family must have read my mind. On Saturday night, for a second night on the spin, I was off to the Brudenell.

It felt right from the off. The usual friendly mix of people. An authentic buzz and sense of community that the place effortlessly fosters. The gig being moved to the main room due to demand. Good vibes building courtesy of Chris Madden and John Paynter's fine selection of tunes.

This was Two Car Family's debut gig. I know that now but only after a spot of post-match research. I wouldn't have guessed on the night though. All sorts of great things happened in a polished and impressive set. Things like upbeat, tight, solid, no frills sounds played out by three fellas having a great time, mostly. Traditional but relevant. Things like Zen Baseball Bat, Snuff and The Hold Steady popped into my head along the way too. That's no bad thing.

After more good vibes came Interrobang?. By then I'd seen the guys milling about in the crowd and worked out who they were. Former Chumbawamba playmates Dunstan Bruce and Harry Harmer, and Stephen Griffin (Regular Fries) took to the stage, grabbed the room firmly by the wotsits and didn't let go until they'd done what they came to do. They hit hard, gave as good as the crowd could take - then sneered as they strutted away victorious.

There was nothing tinselly about the delivery but it was utterly mesmerising. Completely at ease in the space and filling it with a knowing and vitriolic charge; the energy was relentless. Griffin's guitar work was intense serving to add heat to the rage (and dark humour) of Bruce's occasionally megaphoned philosophy.

All told a brilliant night. I'd go and see both again in a shot...and probably will very soon.



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On 11th May 2015 at 23:06 LloydSpencer wrote...

For a really comprehensive set of gig photos check out the album on Flickr https://www.flickr.com/photos/lloydspencer/sets/72157652203945589


On 12th May 2015 at 07:02 Jimmy Horrigan wrote...

Smashing photos.



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