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Urban Glow by Trash

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Reviewed on 29th September 2015.


Urban Glow

By Trash

Four-piece ''TRASH'' have been causing quite a stir on their local turf since their formation back in 2014, with the young band recently gaining coverage from ample blogs and radio stations, including the likes of BBC Introducing.

After their impressive set at Y Not Festival and Tramlines this summer, TRASH are working their way through the live music circuit, establishing themselves and securing a regular fan base.

After the successful release of their single '4 Miles', it wasn't long until the band revealed their brand new EP, named Urban Glow, marking a new stage in the band's career.

The EP kicks off with their suitably named first track 'Intro'. The first track is soft and seducing, easing the listener into the album like a welcoming hand. '4 Miles', is the second track on the EP, the softness is retained, however joined by a fast paced drumbeat, contrasting with the sleepy first track 'Intro'.

Track three; 'Drift' starts out with a sense of shyness. The plucking of a guitar seeps out, before a burst of bouncing drums and melancholic lyrics take centre stage. More than half way through the EP, I can safely say 'TRASH' don't disappoint. In the eyes of an indie Cindy, I would go as far as saying they are an essential listen.

Alas, on track four I am met with title-track 'Urban Glow'. The sombre tone continues throughout, uncovering a sense of restlessness and dejection. The floaty chorus is hypnotising, making me press repeat immediately.

Last but not least on the 5-track EP is 'Sad boys'. Again, the title is rather obvious. 'Sad boys' is definitely a break up song, retaining the same hazy melodies found in the rest of the EP. Dreamy guitar riffs and gentle vocals ease the listener into the song, before the catchy chorus ''It's over now, it's over now'' kicks in demanding attention, as the familiar fast-paced drumbeat joins in.

The whole album provokes a feeling of empathy. The lyrics aren't particularly happy, but gentle and dreamy, telling a story of desire and in some cases, despair. It's obvious the lyrics are very personal, but don't be put off, some of the best albums known are full of misery! This EP is infectious and I will definitely be keeping an eye out for these guys.



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