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Gig review of The Amazons + Fighting Caravans + Coquin Migale

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Reviewed on 14th October 2015.


The Amazons

Live at Oporto on Thursday, 8th October 2015

Being lucky enough to catch Fighting Caravans on their home soil for the tour of their debut EP "Beasts of England" was really a treat. For those who haven't heard much of them before (like this reviewer) the carpet most certainly matches the drapes, clearly meaning that the live performance being as excellent as the record.

Aesthetics are most certainly not really a focal point when seeing live music, but there is definitely something to be said when a band gets on stage and they look like a unit, a real strong sense of who they are before they even play. That said, in no time at all this rugged set of swaggering chaps set a flame that instantly grabbed the attention of the audience and the velvet croons of the lead vocalist turned them all into lazy moths.

Their intro number left the impression that their sound is very much blood stained Americana with a Yorkshire chip on a rock n roll shoulder. Vocal harmonies that slowly creep up on you and wash over the music magnificently.

"Flavour of the Month" kept the flow going from the previous songs, when the lead singer equipped himself with a tambourine and began a Tom Waits-esque romp about the stage. Punctuated now with decadent Desert Rock vibes and spacious guitars blending into an almighty main hook - without compromising the energy built up from earlier.

One of the best tracks of the evening, "Exec. Style" was a slice of proverbial musical pie with a scoop of sexy psychedelic ice cream, lending itself to 70s riff rock along the way. It was this moment in the who that the band really seemed to "click" again, reaching an ecstatic high which was obvious by the smiles on all of their faces.
"P.T.T." was another standout track that clearly demonstrated their interpretation of Americana influenced rock, a slow burner with a simple driving beat that lifts into a tub thumping anti climax which cuts off. Leaving all high and dry, gasping for more.

Ending with their single "Tyrannosaur" displayed and reinforced how damn tight Fighting Caravans are as a band. Each beat and note is risen above sea level to fly triumphantly to shore. The vocals basking in the heat created from the band suddenly flies off the thermometer and suddenly the singer propels himself into the crowd to get everyone moving and shaking. What a damn good show.

If you're lucky enough to know when Fighting Caravans are playing, go see them and buy their debut EP "Beasts of England". This is a band who know their genre, how to mess with it just right so you want to keep coming back for more.



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On 21st October 2015 at 11:36 Davski wrote...

I love this band, saw them at The Hop, excellent review too.



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