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NARCS / Forever Cult split single for International Cassette Store Day by Various Artists

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Reviewed on 21st October 2015.


NARCS / Forever Cult split single for International Cassette Store Day

By Various Artists

Brand new NARCS track 'Blue Bags' is their first since playing at Leeds & Reading Festival in the summer & Forever Cult's 'Together' is a recorded version of the first song they wrote together as a band. It comes out ahead of Forever Cult's next single in November on Too Pure Singles Club release.

The tapes are full of rarities, demos, live tracks & a story; most of it you can't get anywhere else. These are only available to people who buy the tapes. There are still a few left, so if you want a copy, do it before the last few go.

Narcs Blue Bags
NARCS, label mates of fellow band of the moment ALLUSONDRUGS, release the shared double A side with other Clue Records band Forever Cult. The offering from NARCS is Blue Bags. A strange fusion of many different genres and a quite unique approach to a single in that it never really seems to get going. The production is good, at 0:57 the vocals change to a dry sound that has the desired effect, 1:31 sees the song launch into a more convincing rhythm layered with guitars. At 2:11 the song takes a heavier turn which rattles on for the remainder. The song is unconventional in its structure as it doesn't follow a typical pattern of verse, chorus, verse etc etc, for some this may be the reason that the song seems to end just as it gets going. The song starts with a nod to indie with jangly guitars which break into honest vocals which are reminiscent of the Bunnymen influenced Liverpool band, The Open from ten years previous. Later in the song the heavier line is taken and the song seems quite a departure from where it first started. It works, I think. The musicians are good enough, the vocals are individual enough with hooks a plenty. I think this will appeal to a wide audience considering the way it seemingly meanders through the genres. Good effort.

Forever Cult - Together
The other side of the Clue Records double a side serving is from Huddersfield band Forever Cult. Sighting their influences as the heavier side of 90's grunge mixed with the lyrical charm of mid-00's is not too far from the mark, perhaps swinging by Arizona for a nod to Jimmy Eat World as well. The track itself is a well produced single which blasts off straight from the start and is grunge with melody. The opening bar sees the introduction of all instruments almost immediately led in by the drums, which pound their arrival. The vocals enter at 0:25 and suit the piece very well, gritty and raw. The bridge at 0:44 has a great guitar sound and is structured well after which the track picks up the pace once more racing toward the chorus at 1:23. A tinge of Biffy Clyro is in the air as the track takes a more melodic route at the 2:23 mark. An effective vocal sees the lads steam back into the last third of the song which never loses pace or quality. Compared to some of their other stuff it is a little on the heavier side when put next to previous single "Antonio Banderas" for example which is a bit more Arctic Monkey-chart friendly but it's nice to see the lads putting out a loud, stomping single. All in all it's a great, catchy, heavy slice of melancholy and I likes it.

You can listen to both tracks here:

Cassettes are available from Jumbo and Crash Records



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