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Reviewed on 8th November 2015.


The Hoosiers

Live at Mine on Thursday, 29th October 2015

Thursday 29th October saw The Hoosiers descend into Leeds, emerging at Mine bar. From start to finish a polished set that had some true classics interspersed with a few new tracks. A crowd of true dedicated fans contributed to making it a very successful appearance for the band.

Early on they treated us to Worried about Ray, which got the crowd jeered up and set the tone for the rest of the evening. The band really look the part and deliver what they promise, showcasing some incredible skills. Sparkes (on vocals) is effortless in his ability to move through the different tones, simultaneously pulling the audience in to his charm. Swallow (on keyboards) delivers an epic performance from start to finish showcasing an amazing ability to support Sparkes and Sharland (on drums). Sharland does the job of an expert drummer, keeping the beat and throwing himself into every single song with the same energy for every single track. Watching him in awe he never stopped to give it 100% throughout.

The set consisted of slow and fast songs. Personally I was a fan of the more catchy upbeat numbers. Run Rabbit Run combined the slow and the fast all together. Starting slow and sultry it picked up the pace a bit. Running through were heavy beats with heavy lyrics of 'steal your heart'. The desperation of the lyrics resonated throughout. In the middle of the song a trumpet adds to the mellow tones but was a welcome surprise to the track. The mood was then lifted with a personal favourite of Cops and Robbers. Such a simple, but catchy tune that had everyone singing along.

Then everything went silent and black. A minute later Sparkes appears in the crowd. He proceeds to sing whilst in the crowd, ensuring a wealth of iPhone flashes. After navigating to the stage he carried on with a few acoustic tracks. Personally I preferred when the band were all together as I feel that Sparkes looked a little exposed. When the band did come back together Unlikely Hero got the crowd roaring again. The trumpet made another appearance and added impressively to the atmosphere.

They ended on a real high with Mr A. By this point everyone was dancing, singing along and the band had truly shown that they know what they're doing. After their departure from their record label with Sony the band have acknowledged that they are doing it on their own. This signaled a new way of life for the band in 2014, but the hard work is clearly paying off. Fans have stayed committed and they give their all to performances.



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