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High Tyde : I caught up with High Tyde eating pizza before their Leeds show.

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Published on 26th November 2015.


High Tyde

I caught up with High Tyde eating pizza before their Leeds show.

I met with the Brighton boys back in 2013 before their gig at the now closed Cockpit. Fresh faced and new on the scene, the cheeky chaps were friendly and keen to be heard. Two years on and the 4-piece were full of smiles, offering me pizza.

After grabbing a beer, we sat down at a large table that was quickly filled with pizza boxes. We recapped their last show in Leeds at Oporto in March this year, and began to talk about their latest happenings.

Louis - That show was sick. We've had such a busy summer of festivals since then, making more music. Parties too. We've been partying a lot.
Spencer - Yeah we did some really cool festivals like Board Masters and Y Not Festival. Board Masters was absolutely mental and Y Not was set in a really beautiful place, it was really sunny.
Louis - The beach was beautiful, that day was like the hottest day of the year.
Connor - Now we're enjoying our first headline tour! Today is the third day here in Leeds. We've got Birmingham, Manchester, Leeds of course, London and then Brighton...oh and Nottingham, Guildford and Cambridge.

How do you pick where to play?

Louis - As a band we know where we can go and connect with people.
Cody - We always have an open conversation about it, from this tour we have noticed fans suggesting places we should play, like Norwich and stuff. So on the next tour, we will be more aware and add more places to the list.

Where do you think your biggest fan base is right now?

Louis - Birmingham was well impressive! It was so good. They had people on the stairs because they couldn't fit everyone in.

You've got Anteros joining you guys on the whole tour, are you all getting along?

Connor - Yeah it's been a laugh
Louis - Nah we all hate each other! [laughs] it's good fun, there's always plenty of laughs.

Any funny tour moments you can tell us?

Spencer - [laughing] Harry from Anteros admitted to us that he was scared of fish, so our manager went to the trouble of buying a massive mackerel fish today and hid it in Harry's equipment. When he opened it up he just ran off screaming. It was so funny.
Louis - He thought it was a cucumber [laughing]

Do you play tricks on each other a lot while on tour?

Spencer - The fish thing is our first big prank actually, but whoever falls asleep first in the van gets a bum in their face...
Louis - That's me!

Are you guys practically living in the van then?

Connor - We've been lucky to have a few travel lodges along the way and people have been putting us up for the night.
Louis - It's too cold to sleep in the van!!
Spencer - Yeah, Cody has come down ill too, he has a sore throat so we are trying to look after ourselves more and stay warm.
Connor - I bet he wasn't this quiet the last time you saw him [laughs]
Cody - I just fell asleep in the pizza shop...

Being ill on tour is every singer's nightmare. Has it put a downer on things for you?

Cody - No man, not at all. Once we're on stage, the atmosphere and the adrenaline kicks in and we just go for it.

I noticed on Monday you guys made the telly! Your track 'Do What You Want' was featured on E4's Made In Chelsea, how did that come about?

Connor - We released the track like six weeks ago and some people from the Made in Chelsea team reached out to us saying they really liked the track and wanted to use it, so yeah.

Sweet, did you all watch it?

Spencer - Yeah we all watched it back stage in Birmingham.
Louis - I don't personally watch the show, but it was nice to be up there. It's another platform for our music to be heard, so it's all good.
Cody - It was sick because we watched it and then like ten minutes later went on stage and played a gig. We had a bit of a buzz going, it was good fun.

What's next for High Tyde after the tour is over?

Louis - Oooo we can't say yet!
Spencer - We got some good news, but we can't reveal it yet. But next year is going to be a good one for us.

Can we expect bigger things?

Spencer - Yeah bigger and better things...further away things.
Connor - More music and more shows, all of that.
Cody - More scaring people with fish! Getting them over their phobias.

Is there anywhere in particular that you would want to play?

Louis - I really want to go to Glasgow and places in Scotland. There's a really cool scene up there. Also, Wales too.
Connor - Amsterdam! Berlin maybe.
Spencer - Somewhere hot would be good right now.

Do you think your influences have changed since we last spoke? Before you were listening to a lot of Two Door Cinema Club, who inspires you now?

Louis - A variety really, I love Foals right now.
Cody - We're into a lot of hip-hop stuff, jazz hop. Just exploring new stuff really.
Spencer - Instead of listening to the same thing all the time, we always try and find new things. It keeps it fresh when we are song writing.
Louis - Lately I just can't listen to anything light, I don't know whether I'm just angry all the time [laughs]

Well whatever is it that High Tyde have up their sleeve, I'm sure it's going to be good. The 4-piece are still as down-to-earth as they were when we last met. It's good to see their recent successes haven't changed them. Keep up-to-date with all the latest High Tyde news via their Facebook and Twitter.





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