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Gig review of Allusondrugs + Treason Kings + Adore//Repel

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Reviewed on 28th November 2015.



Live at The Library on Friday, 27th November 2015

There is a real atmosphere in the 360 Club tonight, an air of anticipation, as this is not your usual gig night. The two supports Adore//Repel and Treason Kings have been specially selected from the best acts our county has to offer. Only the best for our lads Allusondrugs, possibly the most exciting band West Yorkshire has seen, since Pulled Apart by Horses or Marmozets made their mark on the world. Allusondrugs are a hardworking band, with so much talent and a never ending supply of interesting material, that has seen them move to bigger stages and deservedly, secure tours with the likes of Enter Shikari and We Are The Ocean. This is what makes tonight such a special night and one of those gigs that people will talk about in years to come. Get to a show to see Allusondrugs before they are too big for these intimate venues.

First up are Adore//Repel, who bring to the stage a blast of energy and get the party started. They are a full on rock feast, with a slightly post rock feel in parts and some well-honed vocals for good measure, which edge their way in to their tracks. They hit a beautiful, almost A Capella moment, with gorgeous rock harmonies. This is purely about the music and the way they deliver, allows it to speak for itself. The sparse vocal gives the music the space to breathe, Intensify and gather pace. Adore//Repel have the air of a band who could hold their own in bigger venues.

Suitably warmed we are ready for the very happy Treason Kings, who get a great reception from the packed out 360 club. All hair throwing, they are clearly enjoy every minute of their set. Treason Kings are loud, proud and brash, with the occasional echo of Weezer about them. This night is full of madness as filming starts and Treason Kings really pull out all the stops. The tracks get stronger as the set progresses and the obligatory head bobbing appreciation waves through the room. Bands like this show the creativity of our wonderful city at its very best.

Adore//Repel and Treason Kings have provided a great build up to the main event and they are amazing bands in their own right, but we are all waiting for the main event.

After a short break, Allusondrugs erupt on to the stage, commanding attention from the first minute. Connor attacks the drums with such ferocity and passion, Jason is effervescent and entranced by each song, while Jamal takes control of the bass as he hurls himself and his hair around the stage. Damo and Drey energetically rocking their limited space while tiptoeing through and mastering an array of pedals.

They crank up the pace and play through an impressive set, songs like Should have gone to Uni provokes spontaneous singing from the crowd, but it is Nervous that seems to incite the room to join in the party. There are so many layers to Allusondrugs and the likes of Sunset yellow, one of their more recent releases, shows a tamer side to their music, which really allows the vocals to shine.

They stick true to their roots and drop Plasters in to the already incredible set, this is the first song that I ever listened to. They really bring the energy, for this and so many reasons, this was one of my favourite songs of the evening. Am I weird sees Jason in his element and he gives his all, in response, the place erupts. When they launch in to Handicapped, it makes me appreciate them, and this track in a whole new light, they absolutely smash it out of the park. This really shows the band at their very best as bass reverberates and vibrates with such intensity through the Library.

They are wild and raucous, there are mosh pits and crowd surfing, everything thing you want a gig and a band to be. The room begging for more as they end on a high note with Cherry pie. They barely make it off the stage as the room chanted "TED, TED, TED", to which they oblige and come back to do an encore.

Allusondrugs totally took the roof off and blew the walls out sideways, leaving the library a shell in their wake. What a night! What a gig!



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