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Gig review of Those Delta Wolves + Negative Panda + DRAX

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Reviewed on 7th December 2015.


Those Delta Wolves

Live at The Library on Saturday, 31st October 2015

So it was that time of year again, when we all don our latest unicorn outfit and frolic into the sunshine to enjoy the dawn of a new year. Only kidding, it's Halloween of course. It was about time to bear witness to Those Delta Wolves' single release at 360 Club.

Coming up first were Drax, a bluesy riff heavy duo that are known for stomping through their set with sloppy hooks and rolling beats. Donning hazmat suits for their costumes with their names on the back seemed a great idea, especially since their band name sounds akin to some form of disease given this context. Or a particularly sexy rash. The set went off without a hitch, playing the superb 'Hey Yeah', breaking out into an alternative bang out at the end. Their new stuff sandwiched expertly into their old material, leaving a lasting impression on what's to come in the future. Finishing their set with an electric Dead Weather style bash out.

They're bumbling, they're keen, they're also not mean.... it's Negative Panda! Displaying an array of costumes that could only be described as very sweaty and hairy. With their new member Luke, it became suddenly obvious why as the new material feels more rounded and has a much better impact. The supporting guitar lends the band a whole new flavour without losing their taste. Treating us to a whole new array of material that is sounding much mores evolved from their older tunes but clearly showing that these guys have a much more directive approach to songwriting. We should all be eagerly anticipating their new release in February! There also seemed to be more going on with the supporting vocals, which give the new songs a lift and old songs feel edgier and more structured as a result.

It all comes down to this. Howling down the halls, spilling fake blood into their pints and generally causing a ruckus - Those Delta Wolves have most certainly entered the building. Despite the amount of energy expelled during the gig from the audience, it becomes obvious that there is still some fight left in them. Having being allowed an extended set, they launch into an array of songs, old and new. This being the single release of course they would start throwing new songs to test the waters and see how the audience would react. Blasting through some of the bests, 'Hide and Seek' and 'SGMC' to name a few, with an audience shouting along to the lyrics. There was a mid set break of sorts with the anthemic, almost archaic 'Yellow King'. Reeking of Americana Orleans-esque rock, and dripping with the remnants of it's last meal, the 'Yellow King' allows a brief respite in between the manic sweating and chaos. Drawn out vocal lines strung along with lingering guitar riffs interwoven with a loose yet firm beat.

Second to last on the set was 'Whispers' which managed top see 4 rows of people equally losing their minds respectively which is a fantastic thing to see. People dancing with each other, losing themselves in the rapturous chaos of shared pleasure, the music envelopes the senses and everyone - including the band - share a real moment. If they were aiming to make waves and impress with the track, they most certainly have achieved this and more. 'Whispers', is without a doubt, one of their best tracks to date, especially due to the ironic nature of the track and if you've heard it yet, THAT breakdown.

Ending the already raucous set with 'Make Noise', it is a wonderful end to the evening, coming on to play an encore and to ensure that everyone is dripping with sweat and smiles. T shirts given out for a dance competition held towards the end of the set and all were left feeling like they could have probably danced to one more set of songs. Well done chaps, you had every person in that room wrapped round your little fingers and managed to leave every person shaking in all the right places.



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