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Published on 18th April 2016.


High Tyde


Since their show at the now closed cockpit back in 2013, I've been hooked. Out and proud as a High Tyde fan girl, I was looking forward to catching up with the lads again ahead of their show at Oporto, just one of the many shows from their headline tour 'SAFE'.

The last time we met, you were on your GLOW EP tour and now you're currently on your headline April tour!! How's everyone feeling?

Very pumped, everything has taken a big step up which is a real good feeling. The shows so far have been off the chain!

It's a jam-packed month with plenty of venues on the list, is there anywhere in particular on the tour that you are looking forward to?

London was insane! Our biggest headline show to date and the crowd really pulled it out the bag. Never seen a bunch of people go that crazy to our music so was pretty intense.

Your new EP 'Safe' was released on April 8th, what's the reaction been like so far from fans?

Had so much love from our fans! We are really proud of this release and glad everyone is vibing on it as much as we are. Considering all the songs are completely different and don't play it safe, everyone loves it.

Radio 1 DJ Annie Mac, made your track 'Dark Love' her 'Tune of the Week' - that's such an achievement!

Honestly the most crazy thing, much love to Annie for digging it so much. She's rad as well! Such a genuine and cool person. We all lost out minds when she rewound it on air.

As a listener of your older material, your sound seems to have changed so much since the release of your track 'Karibu' would you agree?

Definitely! I think its been a very gradual progression with our sound though and it is always an unconscious thing. We have developed a heavier vibe within our sound and the songs mean a lot more to us. Especially the new ones.

'Dark Love' shows a real maturity, I get the feeling it's a personal track for you...

Its a very passionate song. The inspiration behind the lyrics come from a very intimate relation with a certain person, which is very personal to me. When you want someone so much, forget the games...

Your music videos are popular with fans, they're always filled with lots of energy! Who comes up with the video ideas?

Its always a collective idea. We have some really out of the box ideas that we are buzzing to put into play.

'Dark Love' retains a more serious vibe. You seem more comfortable in your style, would you agree?

Yes! We wanted Dark love to fit our new vibe and give the feeling of pure passion so decided a playing video would fit. Personally I think black and purple together give of a seductive feel which is perfect.

For those who still haven't discovered High Tyde (they must live under a rock) describe yourself in 3 words - go!


High Tyde are going from strength to strength - what do you hope to have achieved by the end of 2016?

Loads of packed shows, some sick festivals, a support tour with one of our favourite bands and meet great people.

So far, the band haven't had any collaborations with other artists, would you consider collaborating with another artist?

We would love to collaborate with 'Mura Masa' I mean imagine...it would sound fucking rad.

You recently announced you will be playing the Arenal Sound 2016 festival in Spain! Have you got the sun cream ready?!

A couple of us BURN! So yes we need to sort some suncream, also I hate shorts like nah. The jeans are staying on!

Since the beginning you've had a huge following on social media, you guys are always pretty active amongst the social media platforms, do you think its important to have this outlet?

Definitely, we love interacting with our fans as much as possible as they are all rad and fun to talk to!

2016 appears to have been a major turning point for the band. I mean, you've met Annie Mac for a start! you got rewinded on Radio 1 and you're being recognised more and more within the industry...would you say this year has been a milestone for the band?

This year has been so so good, its great to have Annie behind us! It's so great to see more and more people coming out to shows and vibing like never before.

If you haven't already...go check em out! You won't be disappointed.



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