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Workout by TRASH

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Reviewed on 19th April 2016.




Well, well. I find it quite amazing now that what goes around really does seem to come back around. The look and the sound of my youth is haunting me on this latest up tempo stonker from Chesterfield lads, TRASH. Workout is their latest single and was released on April 1st and it's no joke. These boys have just finished a UK tour with Plaza which included sold out nights and listening to this track it's clear to see why. Only formed in 2014, the boys were quickly signed up by Leeds based independent label, Clue. Trash now find themselves label mates with Narcs, Forever Cult and Allusondrugs. The single starts with real conviction, as if leaping off a cliff into a psychedelic sea of upbeat indie pop. The song settles around the 30secs mark to make way for the dreamy vocals that tell a tale of break-ups, anxiety, friends and all the other things that make youth an amazingly intense time to be alive and that feeling is encapsulated excellently in this song and throws yours truly right back there with every chord. The brilliance of youth is that it allows you to be expressive and emotional with a certain naivety that you won't be aware of until later in your life and I think it is this chemistry that gives this song its shimmering innocence of brilliance. The song races through and although the bass and drums thump, they are mixed well and never appear obtrusive. The guitar is as saccharine sweet as the indie pop that it doffs it cap to and jangles nicely all the way through and manages to keep the buzz going. There's a nice layer to the guitars on this track, it's been mixed well in post production and all instruments sit well allowing the vocals to lead the charge. Even the "woo-woos" sit nicely and add to the indie melancholy that aches and smiles from the corner of its mouth. The track simmers then builds from 2.50 leading the drums to roll into an anthemic shout of "Will I ever know?", another sublimely blind reference to youth. This is a fantastic track that I can clearly see thrusting the boys head first into the mainstream. This track could easily be on a soundtrack, an advert, a film or as a crowd pleaser at Glastonbury. If I were a betting man, I'd put money on these boys to get snapped up sooner rather than later. They are riding the crest of a wave that is yet to break, a brilliant effort. Catch them live before they explode.



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