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Top Down by Minatore

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Reviewed on 16th November 2016.


Top Down

By Minatore

Minatore are an alternative rock duo from Nottingham. Scrap that, it doesn't do them justice. Minatore are a groove busting, sound blasting, fast living, cymbal crashing, mind bending alternative rock band from Nottingham. That's better. They've recently released several debut tracks, which you can listen to on SoundCloud or get in touch via their Facebook page to purchase the CD.
At first Tommy Keeling (guitars and vocals) and Morgan Pettigrew (drums and vocals) look an unlikely couple. Pettigrew is all gangly legs and thrashing arms around the drum kit, whilst the smaller Keeling jumps up and down like a road drill on speed. The sight is not dissimilar to seeing Nirvana's Krist Novoselic with Kurt Cobian, and that's not where the comparisons end. Both groups have powerful, punchy, riff based numbers at the heart of their repertoire.
Take the first song 'Top Down' as an example. It's one of the catchiest rock songs in years. I defy anyone to listen to it and not be singing it around the house later. It begins with some nice Drop D type guitar work followed by Keeling's trademark vocals, or face spills as he likes to call them. Pettigrew keeps the pulsating beat moving and the end result is a track that rival's Blur's 'Song 2' for poise and brevity.
Minatore's next track is 'Volcana'; another toe tapping devil horns in the air sing a long song.
'Sunshowers' slows the pace a little, but there's not let up in the emotion. Great cymbal work from Pettigrew and Keeling's ballsy blues rock guitar combine to give this track a dirty sleazy feel.
'Movin' On' draws you in with its laid back intro, and then ambushes you with a shift of pace before a hard sprint through the finish line. Absolute belter!
Minatore have their own brand of raw, unvarnished rock. It's a refreshing change from the over produced, digitally enhanced stuff you hear on the rock channels these days. Long may they continue!




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