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Charity Begins At Home : Leeds University society (LUUMIC) is working towards supporting the Leeds Music Scene with a charity gig for Leeds Music Trust

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Published on 11th March 2017.


Charity Begins At Home

Leeds University society (LUUMIC) is working towards supporting the Leeds Music Scene with a charity gig for Leeds Music Trust

The old saying that 'Charity Begins At Home' is going to be in evidence on Tuesday, 14th March. The Music In The Community society of Leeds University Union (LUUMIC) is running a gig in support of Leeds Music Trust (LMT). We caught up with Maria (of LUUMIC) and Mark (LMT) to see what it was all about.

LMS: For those that haven't already heard about LUUMIC, can you explain a little about it?

Maria: LUUMIC is a music volunteering society that aims to make an impact in the community with music. This involves going to refugee centres, care homes, schools, basically anywhere in the local community where we perform or help teach music. We have a similar philosophy to Leeds Music Trust in promoting the importance of music hence our partnership with them.

LMS: Sounds interesting, what can you tell us about the line-up?

Maria: We have a varied line-up of 4 live acts and one DJ. Our first act chosen by LMT is Tree which is an Electro/Acoustic folk band with the lead singer from Leeds College of Music. Our second act Sonic Bliss Machine is an alternative rock band with psychedelic vibes and some great released singles, two endorsed by BBC introducing. We then have Whoeva?, a DJ/Jazz pianist producer who will be bringing some Neo-Soul vibes with a live band. Our final live act is Pneuma which is an 8-piece Neo-soul band who are known to the Leeds music scene having played in venues such as Smokestack and Headrow House. For the remainder of the night, DJ Ken will be playing a set who is part of the Leeds-collective Soul Control with styles varying from dub to disco.

LMS: That's quite an eclectic line-up. How does link up with Leeds Music Trust work?

Mark: At Leeds Music Trust we believe that music is a positive force and that all music matters. We provide support in terms of rehearsal space, and mentoring to a whole range of people with a particular emphasis on the young and those from disadvantaged backgrounds. We also support other charities who have a focus on music with equipment and technical expertise. There is a surprisingly large network of organisations in Leeds focused on supporting the Leeds music scene.

LMS: So how does that work?

Mark: A good example is Tree, one of the acts at the gig on Tuesday. We first encountered Teresa when she was playing at last year's Centre Stage competition. We support Centre Stage with the back line (gear) for their shows and have worked with a number of the young bands that have entered in partnership with MAS (a not-for-profit organisation that provides support with rehearsal and recording funding). It's a network of organisations that are committed to supporting music in all it's forms.

LMS: So it's all about creating the next big thing?

Mark: Not really, it is much broader than that. The Trust was founded with support from The Kaiser Chiefs who used our rehearsal facilities when they were young musicians starting out. So we have experience of that, but our charitable aims are not just targeted at supporting people to become the next Kaiser Chiefs. We support other groups like 'Beat It' who run a range of musical workshops for young people with special needs. That's them you can hear rehearsing in the next room. They have been coming to Old Chapel (the home of LMT) for a few years and have moved such a long way from where they started. The have now got to the point where they are playing festival gigs themselves. We hope that has opened up a whole realm of new possibilities for those involved.

LMS: So fund raising is a big thing to support all that?

Maria: With this charity fundraising gig, we hope to bring together musicians from the Leeds local and university community. We also hope to raise awareness of what Leeds Music Trust is trying to do and help raise money so that they can achieve their aims.

The gig is this Tuesday at The Lending Room at the Library. Leeds Music Scene will be going along to check it out and hope to see loads of folks there as there are some gigs that not only provide entertainment for the night, but also invest in the entertainment of the future. Tickets are 3 and available on the door with proceeds going to Leeds Music Trust to support their work.



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